Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gift Guide: Beauty-licious under $50

Though I'm usually greeted with a heavy coal filled stocking every Christmas morning, I'm really hoping this might be my year. I hardly doubt anything I did this year what that naughty. Honestly, I was only hung over a handful of days, and I couldn't of finished more than a case of that '90 Dom... Dearest Santa Baby, please leave me a beauty themed stocking. The gift of beauty may be a lot of ask for, but perhaps just grant me the tools to head there.  Really, just throw in a couple of lip glossies, nail lacquers, and doll lashes.
I hardly doubt he's reading but, oh well. Get a hold of Cinched's fav makeup stocking stuffers under $50 per Neiman Marcus...

 NARS Velvet Gloss Pencil
I've been pretty terrified of lip liner since the nineties trend of dark maroon lined lips. It wasn't until I found NARS secret weapon, the Velvet gloss pencil with the convenience of a pencil as a lipstick.

 Bobbi Brown lip Gloss trio
No there isn't anyone that will likely want to meet me under mistloe but who says my kisser can't shimmer, sparkle, and shine via Bobbi's trio

 Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick
On the really good nights, the nights that turn my mornings sideways, those nights I like to eat glitter shots, glitter makes me happy, glitter makes me shine, gimme Bobbi's sparkle palette...

 Doll Lash Set
Ever since I could remember, I always wanted to be a doll. The really creepy kind with incredibly heavy eyelashes that shut my eyes unless I'm hung upside down. I want the type of lashes that are so heavy not even a double espresso will keep open. Will the hypnose doll lash set do the trick?

 Le Metier de Beaute
This is Ken Downing's I'm Worn this Way lipstick and nail lacquer duo grants nothing but a evening of fierce-ness. If that isn't a word than shut it, because my nails and lips are f***ing fierce.