Monday, December 12, 2011

Greetings from NYC

My dearest apologies for the lack of updates my darlings, Cinched has been in NYC freezing to death. As most of my travels (or well most of my days) focus on eating and drinking, dinners and friends have filled my brief New York visit. It all began with my first celeb sighting of the trip when I spotted a certain thick eye lined british dj (alexa chung) at Hudson Clearwater, where I discovered that not counting how many damson sours  I drowned in would...shh I forgot that I don't drink and tell. But the second dinner worth sharing was Fatty Cue, where although my company wouldn't agree, I enjoyed the restaurant's ordinary salads in which they so brilliantly replace lettuce with kale.
 But never mind tales of my evenings and let's mind what I've been cinching my cankles with. Due to extreme comfort and golden chain trim, I can't seem to stop wearin wedgies...they are perfect execution of a simple lace up wedge bootie, except that they happen to be rimmed with something the Notorious BIG would adorn his neck with.

chanel lace up bootie - feed 1000 judith leiber clutch

day bag - Celine...night bag - FEED 1000 clutch