Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gift Guide: Cinched Wrists

Do you recall the amazeballs Lisa Freede necklace I couldn't take off on my trip to Como? It probably went un-noticed because you were looking at the stupid ugly mountains, lake, or my twitching left eye.   Any who, Katia Boutique has led me to some goodies to cinch my bare wrists with, Lisa Freede Bracelet sets. Perfectly priced, the bracelet sets come in an array of  sandalwood,  african beads,  ivory,  gold/black, and  turquoise.  Composed of 8 bracelets, each set is under $129, making it a perfect present for those who love to adorn their wrists, get them via...

Lisa Freede sets
black/ gold - african beads - turquoise - ivory - sandalwood
Wouldn't the sandalwood and ivory pair perfectly w my necklace?
 They might also help distract might my eye begin tweakin again.