Monday, December 12, 2011

Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more....

Gem stones, sapphires, diamonds, pearls, druzies and rubies made a sparkling impression with the lovely Melissa Joy Manning at her personal appearance for the evening to present the exclusive jewelry collection at BHLDN. 
Inspired by nature, MJM jewelry collection feature gems from all over the world...near in the USA and as far as India and Uruguay. The series of the jewelry line are curated by recycled gold, mined stones and reclaimed metals.  MJM is a green brand and is B(Benefit) Lab certified, operating in a manner that promotes socially responsible sourcing and manufacturing and minimizing environmental impact.  She believes that this trend has only begun and will become more popular as consumers become just as eco-curious as they are style-curious.  
Cinchista always says: Knowledge is power! 
MJM looked radiant and glowing with gems of all sorts on her neck, fingers and wrists.  Now only if Cinched at the Waist could possibly get a little pretty and shiny thing to frost oneself with. 
 Hint Hint hubby. 
These whimsical mood rings remind me of the one time I went to a hole in the wall placee thinking I could get my future panned out for me by a woman and her magic crystal ball.  The only thing I figured out was that A. Why didn't she have a better office if she was so 'legit?' and B. I liked all the rings she wore.  They made her seem kind of legit....till she started speaking and summoning the dead.  That was the last time I trusted that 'friend' who took me there.

Herkimer diamond pendant with gold chain, get this similar...

Herkimer diamonds are unique quartz crystals that resemble diamonds because of their double matrix formations....but the price looks better on your credit card note.

The simple herkimer earrings and recyclable sterling silver wishbone earrings are Cinched at the Waists' fav items to stuff stockings with this holiday season.
Fashion-forward frenzy eyes only, the Uruguayan stalactite cacti looking earrings are a bold option.  Can you handle them?

You don't have to be pretty in pink, you could be breathless in these dark, ominous bold this season.

The bezel-set yellow natural rose cut sapphire above a prong set natural green rose cut sapphire earrings are hand made from recycled 18k Gold.  They cost an arm and a leg, but these sapphire babies are the definition of brilliance.  
Oh my, what an array of colors with different styles from traditional to unique to modern! There are too many to choose from.  However will one choose?  It's just not possible.  Let's get them all.

More sweet and presh things ruffled, laced and bow cinched.  For your little footsies too!

A lucky guest won the raffle and received a pair of MJM loop earrings.  I'll continue dreaming how I will get my little fingers on an MJM piece....till then -

Stay Cinched.