Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What a Wristful of Arm Candies!

Word around the block is that we're not the only wrist-jewel obsessed.  Refinery29.com seems to also be on the same page as Cinched. Cinched at the Waist began a new series of Cinched Wrists and is obsessed with the thrill of wrist jewels and a touch of luxe mood rings.

Cinched cuffs adorn our wrists and sway with our rhythm of life.  I'm a hoarder of bracelets and have found myself with no space for my beloved jewels.  They're are a part of me - I have invested my time in choosing each piece perfectly.  The fit, the touch, the look.  Some are pricy and some not even a dollar....


Tory Burch bracelet 1 and bracelet 2

Elaine Turner - Houston locals should participate in our December giveaway for a chance to win the leather wrap bracelet.

Chan Luu khaki mix is a great mix of colors together!

The Rachel Rachel Roy snake ring is an edgy detail to add to a simple ensemble.

Vintage66 bracelet

Pictures provided by:  www.rachelroy.com www.amazon.com www.elaineturner.com www.maxandchloe.com