Saturday, December 22, 2012


Mugshots are one of the only reasons I actually ever pick up an issue of US Weekly or the other Britney Spears bashing magazines next to the Kit Kat bars at the register. I've always wondered what mine would turn out like. I seem to be good at these things, my license and passport photos are kinda good. This is not an intentional humble brag but, people do a double take because I look absolutely nothing like the over bronzed lip gloss lacquered woman in the pictures. Weeks of neglecting Cinched at the Waist, I've been busted. Working else where and lack of inspiration has left me nothing to cinch about this month, maybe even ever. My mug has been shot. The crime? Leaving you all high and dry. Abandoning your loyalty and interest for a little of something else.

 A little of twelve days of amazing sales and gifts with purchases...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Denim - SALE ALERT

Twas great shopping inventions like Gilt that have spoiled us to never shop full price, especially for the current. Well guess what type of denim you may be coveting right now that is discounted via another shopping revolution, Shopbop.   Although my thunder thighs and refrigerator wide hips have always veered me away from any type of denim that isn't black, J Brand 8 inch rises that have allowed me to tune into denim trends. 901's:   J Brand skinny jeans in a signature cut, revamped with a glossy, leather-like coating that has been wrinkled to create a unique texture. Faux front pockets smooth the silhouette, and patch pockets detail the back. Button closure and zip fly.    Check out these wax coated babies out on sale at Shopbop in several hues at 30% off

J Brand 901 Coated Textured Super Skinny Jeans

Other coated skinnies on SALE:

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Was Red

Seasonal dressing is over rated. I noticed I have the right type of friends when at a Holiday gift exchange last week I noticed not one of us was sporting red, green, or sequins. The crowd was composed of neutral tones of the resort top and waxed j brand sporting dolls.  Am glad I wasn't surrounded by a crowd that coordinates their ensembles the way Walgreens does their aisles. No Holiday dressing, heavens please.   What is with everyone color coordinating ensembles via Holiday as if they are picking new rubbers on their braces. Um yes, its October so I will go for orange and black set across my teeth, great idea doc. And yes, save me the lime, no sorry, mint green and cherry red for next month I come in for more pain slash tightening because it will totes be Christmas. Also, can I have a note to excuse my gum chewing at school?

Topshop onesie  - polka dot trim socks - Essie "beyond cozy"  -
 Becky velvet mini skirt  - Reindeer sweater  - cherry applique glitter flats -
Clare Vivier fold over clutch 

Red is just red, so get over it.  I'm tired of it storming my eyes when I shop online too long and covering my cheeks when I'm embarrassed. Really, the only great thing about red is wine.  Take Essie for example, they dodged the lame red tints by presenting an eclectic holiday collection, with "Beyond Cozy" and the glistening "Leading Lady." 
As for the red shiny glittery slippers... As if your boyfriend didn't already hate your sky high trots, CO has some quiet holiday flare to your next cocktail soiree. Jingle around in velvet red platforms with a bell-adorned ankle strap so you can jingle your way right into annoying party guest slash girlfriend. But then there's the red lipstick we can all try until three bubble flutes into a soiree and your teeth are half covered in red paint chip and chewing looks like watching a clown eat. 

This rant will end soon, especially since I've noted that I'm wearing red jeans today.
Because if loving him was red, what was hating? What color did the sky turn when he asked you to stop jingle-ing all the way in your Charlotte O's?

If you must shop Holiday this red month, then please do so wisely.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Walk, Walk, Walk

I took a walk
take a walk, take a walk
take a walk, take a walk.
- Passion Pit

Friday, December 7, 2012

Karl is Lashing Out

For a hot second it was nice and comfortable to hop onto the eyelash extentions trend. "You mean I DONT have to put make up on every morning for three weeks and it looks like I'm flirting every time I blink?" I asked the second I stepped out of an un-named local spa looking as batting as ever. Only to notice three weeks later that creepy lashes were all over my pillows and if I didn't return every 17 days to glue on new lashes, then the tops of my eyes would be as baren as ever because those fake lashes falling out was only pulling out my real ones. Damn you beauty trends and thank heavens for temporary lashes because guess who has taken over Shu Uemura for the Holidays...For the Holiday 2012, Shu Uemura announces an exceptional collaboration with the legendary designer and heavenly fashion father, ours truly: Karl Lagerfeld.  

Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura eyelashes.

Don't miss out because this weekend is the last weekend to place orders to ensure on time delivery for Christmas XMASSHIP...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Totes Kerr

Au courant with everything every girl wants: pretty face, hot manfriend, hot baby daddy, and (to top it off) this season's it bags. Damn you supermodel Miranda Kerr, how come the universe sends all the goodies to you? It must be because you have an incredibly kind smile. Like I can tell we would totally be friends that have slumber parties and vege out by the TV watching the Mindy Project all night, and then I'd tell you how much I love your bags and you'd let me borrow em all the time. And then I'd tell you how much I love your baby daddy and you'd let me borrow him as well. Ha. Joke. Sort of.

Miranda Kerr in Prada flower applique bag.

Miranda Kerr's totes kerry-ing amazeballs bags. Dear Santa, (achem, mom) continue for more options...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shoe Dance

"Love your shoes,"
"Omg, I love YOUR shoes"
"Want to dance?"
Usually how it goes when I pick up a dance partner on and outing. This time, it was a spanish print adorned doll at Menil's twanky fifth celebration on Saturday. You'll be happy to hear no one spilled anything on my under wear booties. Thankfully, my friends only drink clear beverages, I can finally appreciate their love of low calories. Seriously, it seems like no one even eats anymore because bowls of Legos replaced finger foods at the small gathering before we hit up the Menil. Anyways, twas the perfect evening to wear the white laced subjects I'd been tucking away for one year and half...not even food could get on them. Thank you Houston for gracing us with just humid air and no actual rain that weekend, leaving all of us gals to show off our Holiday party shoes...

black trumpet skirt  -   lace booties (old)
CrOp by David Peck top & shorts in Spanish Moss Print

Back to party shoes and everything we need about them: comfort (sort of), extravagance, and excellent price. Check out my finds for two hundred doll hairs:

Sam Edelman "Paulette" peep toe pumps  -   Tibi "Abbie" booties  -
 B Brian Atwood platform booties   -  B Brian Atwood suede booties

And a couple other over two hundred doll hairs, but none the less on SALE:

Giuseppe Zanotti sculptural wedge -  Miu Miu glitter pumps  -  Jimmy Choo glitter pumps
Carven bow suede pumps  -

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

OMG, $ale.

I didn't black out Friday, nor did I cyber away Monday, because I'm saving my shopping to snag me some discounted goodies that haven't overfilled my inbox. For cereal, I'm talking to you emailing addicts of retailers I've ever shopped from and given my information to before, CUT IT OUT. We get it, if I shop this, you'll give me that. Blah blah, I don't want to go to the Galleria. I'd like to shop in peace, away from you all. But none the less, like a true shopaholic I can't resist a discount, so when there are bubbles involved I'm sold.
Come party with me on Friday and shop all day Saturday at 3200 Kirby, suite 200 for CrOp by David Peck's Studio Sale!

CrOp by David Peck Studio Sale
November 30 - December 1
3200 Kirby, Suite 200

Time for Shots

Thanksgiving has kicked off the season of calories, Christmas lights, and over served spirits. Aside of shot of sassy ness to get me through it all, a bit of espresso may help. And if you just happened to roll your eyes at this idea because you are one of those incredibly energized beings that go on 6 mile morning runs even when you're hung over, then consider this a great gift guide.  For a caffeine filled christmas box might be essential for your normal friends to get the energy buzz to hang out with you.
Ritz Carlton Vienna Nespresso adorned room.
The truth is, not all kitchen gadgets are offensive gifts. When the product is necessary, achem composer of energy, then it is not going to be received with the same gratitude your mother expressed when you gifted her a vacuum on mother's day. This should be received with a "omg I never have to go to Starbucks in my pijamas anymore," or "I've been meaning to get one of these," or "omg this perfectly matches my new china set."

Friday, November 23, 2012

Love Locked

There is a gate in Prague at which couples visit to cinch a lock symbolizing their love. The lock is locked on the gate, and key is thrown down in the river. It isn't a very big wall, but it's busy appearance is composed of eclectic styles and colors of the locks. Big ones, little ones, graffitied ones, and so on. "And at the finish of the year the city cuts the locks and cleans the wall," concluded our tour guide as we left the wall and continued trotting the cobble stones. Immediately I wanted to fly home and grab the lock I removed from the paddington bag I first began my crush on Phoebe Philo with. The lock made everything about the multiple compartmented bag, but adds about five extra pounds to it. During my love affair with red Paddington (yes, the bag is red), I wore the lock for about three days, and grabbed the hanging key, unlocked and place it in lord knows where. I really wish I had saved it.
But seriously, please explain to me the purpose aside aesthetic to lock adorned handbags. But more so, please explain to me the growing worldwide trend of "love padlocks." 

Love Padlock in Prague, Czech Republic.
Ending the tour, our sweet guide asked if I would return with a loved one plus lock, when a giant carkle snotted out of my mouth in responce. Um, no.
And even if I could ever feel what it is that Taylor Swift songs I sing in the shower are about, I'm pretty sure this is the last way to express so.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sweating Party

It has come to my attention that some people are still hosting comic sweater parties during the holidays. It's like 5 de Mayo, another reason to overserve yourself your favorite type of naughty water, and dress in theme. Go ahead and go wild...

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wrinkled In n Out

Wrinkling, worn, and soft are the signs of a wise jacket right there. Well trusted, because it has been worn and cracked into many days of wearing; wise because of it's experience and stories held and represented by each and every of the cracks. But what happens when the south region of your ensemble's wrinkly appearance is brand new? Wrinkles representing mere aesthetic that boasts accordion characteristics. Yes, I mean the musical instrument that is sometimes referred to as a "squeezebox." With a great appreciation for elastic waistbands, a voluminous piece that will gradually expand as to my liking can come in handy this holiday season. Just as Holiday cookies can't escape me, my favorite Holiday skirt must be trusted to expand horizontally, just as I presume my thunder thighs will.

What musical instrument is your favorite Holiday skirt?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Body Heat

I heard somewhere like ninety percent of body heat is emitted through ours heads, which i highly doubt is true because ruined white shirts and regular purchases of Degree conclude it's coming from elsewhere. But then Prague slapped me across the face with it's charming glacial wind and I begged to differ. That bitch stole all my heat in about five milli-seconds. Lesson learned and I've been trying to collect heat retaining fabric-made hats since.

Diversity of winter hat styles brought an entire new aspect to cold weather ensemble assembling. Are hats the new handbags? Is the ancient rule that purse is supposed to match shoes now applied to winter head gear?  What type of hat person am I? I think I'm suffering from identity hat crisis, damn you cold weather.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Spirit Animals

Are iphone animals the new spirit animals?
Iphone animal south of the show invite, image per Tommy Ton.
Although I hate to love the over instagraming of selfie mirror shots, I can't help but notice how naked my camera/iphone/life has been. And so I thought I was kinda trying with a trench coat, stilettos, & fabulous sidekick...except for the item that's guaranteed to give me grandma thumbs when I grow up: all naked and natural. Had to jump of instagram and look to all the fancies that are photographed by Tommy, Scott, or Kamel for inspiration, because there they were showing off that even their phones have spirit animals. Damn it, I've been selfish.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hard to Dance

And it's hard to dance with a devil on your back, so shake it off, that handbag.
Bag hagging has been fun, but is it over? I've been so into dancing, texting, emailing, and eating that the only handbags that are functional are cross-over slash messenger types. Perhaps it's all the extra fat kid calories I've consumed that my body is asking me to get some extra exercise via hand movements. It just so happens that I really don't need to be carrying seventy five lip glosses, three mascaras, and a dark cacao chocolate bar with me at all times, so I'm left with an empty huge bag. What I really need is something to get my moves down with. Nothing burns more calories than dancing. It's just a known thing slash universal truth among fat kids. So it's time to jam, let's just jam. Throw down that handbag and grab a stereo or two.

It's time to swap, bag for a portable boombox?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rolls or Layers?

There it was, over-flooding the waistband of what I once referred to as my fat jeans...the entirety of thirty five french fries, fifteen baguettes, eight macaroons, and heavens knows what other million grams of sugar I consumed at the beginning of October. Lord of the calories, heavens of fat, please tell me my Paris diet can be fixed, because I can't seem to hide any of the evidence (achem, rolls). Thank heavens it's cooling down here in Houston, so I can masque in layers on top of my layers of fat. Take note of bellow: one cashmere sweater, topped with a snap front cardigan, adorned by a layer of leather...mission UN-accomplished. The over all result in layering to mask layers of fat is an idea only I would try.  It's just like the super long, body covering shape-wear. That one giant body suit is only adding a layer or thickness to your silhouette.
My advice is, pick a waist cinching little black dress, and go bare. Now my advise to self, pick one piece of knit and leave the other at home. Knit over knit doesn't masque extra lbs, it masques your body from tackle football. So until I juice cleanse my way back to less fat kid version of self, a football linebacker I shall appear.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

PFW: Maiyet

One of the many culturally inspired collections to debut at Paris Fashion week was Peruvian inspired journey through the amazon, Maiyet Spring Summer 2013.   Maiyet debuted at the green-embellished Palais de Tokyo, setting an Amazon ambiance. The 41 looks set in the order of a journey, began with fresh all whites touching upon the salt beds of the Sacred Valley, detailed with hand embroidery. 

A trip through Peru was narrated though deep brown and plum earth undertones in shorts and hand-woven separates in bold tones, resembling the Amazon greens and fertile earth. Each piece in the collection is truly noteworthy. A hand batik long shirt-dress from Indonesia cinched at the waist with a braided double belt from Peru concluded the collection as one of the most covetable pieces.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The It Kit, and that's it.

The It Kit, all you need for a restoration and maintenance of your skin. Never has my skin ever won in battle with the destructive ambiance up in the air. For years my facade has been notorious for erupting impurities upon the surface, briefly following any form of travel. Whether it's dehydration, lack of sleep due to jetlag, the only trooper that does not like to travel is my face. Thank heavens for the discovery of Vbeaute before my last trip across the pond. Post travel skin eruptions are now old news due to a magical little kit, Vbeaute It Kit.

It Girl. It Kit. The It Kit is a customizable skin care system that houses the products you need to give your skin the treatment it deserves. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sock Lines

On a walk over to Coquette while in Paris, LA kept staring at my feet. Starting to worry, I wondered if I had accidentally stepped on mud slash gum, I was borrowing her Marants at the time. Then with a loud chuckle she said "Um, you can totally see your socks." There they were, white ankle sock lines clearly peeping out of the booties. I could see them, but I figured only I could because I was the only eyes that would be standing right about my body. Kind of like when you convince yourself that no one else can notice your purple bra because you're the only one that can peek down your shirt by looking right under your nose. Nope, not the case this time. Sartorial issue of Fall, how does one wear an undergarment when it's necessity and invisibility are of equal importance? When will the Calvin Klein of socks come out with a seamless, almost invisible stocking to collect one's sweatiest body limb to be worn under this season's short booties (achem, the thong in the eighties). 

Socks peeking out of Maje booties.
What is the new undergarment of the foot?  Are sock lines the new pantie lines?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Excuzes-moir, Monsiur

"Excuzes-moir, Monsiur Louboutin, you kinda sorta made a typo when you were doodling my name last night..."  I thought it an excellent day to play hooky yesterday and pick up a pair of signed shoes at the mall. Well, I arrive to a shoe salon that is over capacity of swarming peeps, open the box of the pre-signed babies, and there it was...the first and only pet peeve developed since my late toddler years, the misspelling of my name. Honestly, I'm not sure why my name has two N's in it. It would have made kinder garden and first grade a lot easier. Learning to read and write was tough enough, but telling close minded nuns in a small Venezuelan town that your name isn't Anna or Anne but rather some sort of combination of the two was bazaar. So I went on through Kinder, first, and early second grade telling my classmates and teachers that my name was pronounced "ANNE - NEE - NAH" just so them bitches would spell it right. 
Twenty years later, my favorite painter of red just happened to doodle my name incorrectly.
 JA! Joke was on me.

Thursday afternoon, over four hundred red soled ladies, fans, and boyfriends of fans waited in line for a special doodle on the bottom of a shoe. At the end of the finish line was the cutie pie Mr. Louboutin, only signing purchases made that day, and no books please (damn it, there went my awesome christmas present idea, I had pre- ordered 4 books two weekends ago, like an idiot.)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What Makes Us Girls

Inspired by Lana Del Rey's single, a look at the inevitable living-room line up of footwear when you share the same shoe addiction & size as your room mate: 
Remember how we used to trip all day and night.
Dodging cobblestones, trying to trot up right.
Looking for a taste of real height.
This is what makes us girls.
Swollen paws and blisters, cause we put height first.
Something that we fall for, it's all good.
Don't cry about it, don't cry about it.

Do you ever un-intentionally form a shoe closet in your door way or living room?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hermes, Festival des Metiers

Houstonians may be wondering what the giant H stamped tent behind Cafe Annie may be. No, there was not an Hermes wedding last week, so don't be sad that you were not invited, it is actually Festival des Metiers. Last Tuesday evening with a preview of the exhibition that opened to public October 10 - 14th, a whole lot of pretty people, Birkin bags, and myself got a sneak peek of the festival of crafts. Presented in New York, San Francisco, and now in it's last stop in Houston, Festival des Metiers celebrates the passion and perfection of the work of crafstmen that give the brand it's exceptional luxury and quality.   

                           The most popular of crafstment: the silk engraving of 90 cm of silk scarves.

Slippin, not trippin

The dog days of pretending to know I walk in heels are over. Yoga toes or not, let's get real and admit that I am from a commuting city, meaning I purchase height and overlook comfort. Yet, for when I am tested in using the babies I love so much in an atmosphere outside of walking ten feet from my car to desk, my shoe philosophy doesn't seem so bright. After day four of torture, a.k.a tryining to look as cute as Parisian girls, I caved in and slipped it. Mid through le week of fashion, I started slippin all over Paris with GZ calf hair Aladdin- esque slippers. 

How are you slippin through Fall?

no cigarettes were smoked for the above image, just a stop and snap on a Paris sidewalk.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thrilled in Paris

It's close to midnight and something evil is lurking in the dark. 
Take three steps to the side with zombie arms and creep out the non approving Parisians by channeling Michael Jackson's "thriller", is basically all I was doing last week thanks to Isabel Marant's Etoile kady leather jacket  topping all of my ensembles. The blood red zipper adorned treasure is a find from the secret weapon of high fashion shopping in Houston: Katia Boutique. I'd been lusting to thrill this leather cape since my purchase mid August. In the red hot middle of Houston summer, Katia Boutique paved way to my Paris wardrobe three months in advance.  And so I thrilled for ten days in the chilly Parisian evenings with gusts of showers and macaroons, in my Etoile jacket channeling MJ's "thriller" minus the white socks, and werewolf transformation.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Walk in the Jar-deeeen

Frenching is not really my thing. I assumed to order two boiled eggs this am, and got an entire baker's dozen with two Shaquille O'neal sized baguettes at Cafe le Flore. Maybe I have the presence of a fat kid, or maybe I´m just terrible at Frenching. This was not our first trip to Cafe F, this has been our go - to caffieine and most important meal of the day fix since day one. Assuming it would help, I begin to speak in spanish slash Italian, but it's become official that not only does that confuse others, but makes me look as if I've also lost my identity. Until my journey back, French lessons are in order. 

Lesson in Frenching today:

garden: jardin [JAR - DAH] 
not to be pronouNced [jar - dean] 

dress: habiller [ah - bee - yer]

hemline: ourlet [OO - LEH]

high: élevé [eh leh veh]

low: bas [vah]

Can we create a sentence with the above?

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Paris Fashion Week Update

As a brief update of my hop across the pond in pursuit of Parisian Summer Spring 2013 collections, here is a stream via iphonology. So far I've been enamored by the navy and white fluid looks of Anthony Vaccarello, Devastee, Nicolas Andreas Taralis, Mugler, Isabel Marant, Pascal Millet, and Andrew Gn. 

Anthony Vaccarello Spring/Summer 2013 ready to wear

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Paris in the Rain

Get the effe outa here, my problem with authority slash good advice led me to ignoring the possible afternoon Paris showers day 2 of Paris Fashion Week, and furthermore the baptism of leather and suede babies, Jacob fringed booties.

Wet by my tears and Parisian rain, the Jacobs pointed in the right direction to show me that their splish splash dots were all worth it, because I looked up and there it was...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pack Rat

Tired of style dot com-ing for live streams of New York, London, and Milano debuts of what's to come for Spring, Cinched will be crossing the pond to spectate Paris ready to wear SS13 collections. I just want to smell the models sweat, absorb the silhouettes of Spring, and be blinded of the colors Parisienne collections will take us to Paradise with. So what to pack for Paris? According to my handy weather apps, Paris will welcome me with a week of drizzle. I hope Owen Wilson's character wasn't lying when he said that Paris in the rain is phenomenal, because my suede booties might want to kick him in the face. Paranoia slash weather proofing has led me to an extreme of bagging everything. There are bags, for bags, for bags in my suitcase, all I have to bag is myself. 

inside the bags that are inside my bag: Maje, kady leather jacket, Adeline top

tune if for fashion week updates as LA and I report via Culturemap!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Left or Right?

Look south of the easter egg dress for a hint.

I won't quit summer wedding attire blabber because I really do miss a past wedding weekend all that much. The topic comes to shoes, and ignoring the multiple invitation warnings that guests would be somewhat off roading, achem, "girls don't wear stilettos." I took it as a rule totally intended to be broken and left a wedge behind. Fortunately, I switched to the provided flats three glasses of bubbly in because the dance floor wasn't letting me leave and I found friends and fire to play with. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

California LOOVE

California, knows how to party. Especially in celebration of the greatest thing to live for, LOVE.  Last weekend, I jumped from NYC, to gather with old friends in order to celebrate the coming together in matrimony of a beautiful couple, otherwise found on instagram as #lcwedding.

I know a place, where the brides are always prettier....I think I know who Katy Perry was talking about in her catchy and oh so impossible to get out of your head single "California Gurls." What the pop star meant to sing about was LC, and her beautiful love story: because it's
California brides that are unforgettable. Congratulations to Lauren & Worth Snyder!

Don't Miss: Full Circle

On September 25th young professionals will dine local eats, toast, enjoy beautiful paper floral artistry by Balushka and an informal presentation of CrOp FW 2012 Collection “Coming Home,” at Roots Bistro while capturing all the fun with The Traveling Photo Booth all benefitting Covenant House Texas!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Please Don't Say I'm Sorry

Thought I was dead didn't you? 
Suspicion had risen that Cinched had been eating chocolate doughnuts in the dark corner of her closet where the Wi-fi doesn't reach and restricting connection to any type of cyber universe, achem: blogging. This type of disappearance has no explanation. You can forget an apology. I won't say I'm sorry, I just hate it when blog posts begin long apologies and countless reasons that lead to humble brags of current collaborations and projects that have hindered the good old blogger from achem, blogging. I won't, I just wont. All I can do is be back. 

Back from the real world and into the cybering. Cybering (and by cybering I mean is the only way I have been able to feed my Spring'13 hunger, because like the rest of us freaks, I'm already sick of FW'12 and can't wait to sport the color blocks, nautical, and dropped waist lines spring of next year will bring. Until then, I will sadly but gladly leave you with a navy baby (CrOp Lillie dress) and cankle hiding friends via Isabel Marant.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Past Fast Forward

Shifting from summer to autumn, achem scorching to tolerable forces past fast forward wardrobing. Yes, I'm still on the "recycle spring pieces and marry them with fall," phase. For IFBCon attendance, in order to attract some future CrOp V.I.B's a high-low hemmed navy and wine skirt married a spanish moss print camisole. Spanish Moss print cami from the past (spring'12 ) went fast forward to the lusetie (fall'12). This trip north, was one of the million times I was happy to overpack. The cami was in the "ehhh I might use that" pile of my suitcase, and it just so happens that it brought me to safety as I had planned on wearing leather bomber and booties all week long. 

CrOp "Lusetie" skirt

Earth to Annina, the weather was no where different than Texas summer hot, so thank you cami for being my bestie. Here's a glimpse of fashion blogger mingling and tingling...

Monday, September 3, 2012

NYC, I'm Back

I'm back, back in the New York groooooove....
Ready for fashion blog overload at IFB Con. In the midst of trying to survive two days in heels, I will attempt to update, swollen paws and all. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cruise Control

Cruise control is easily accomplished in a wedge boot. There needn't be worry of slippin off the pedal, jamming the pencil stilhetto through, or heaven knows what will happen because I can almost assure you, the helmet was skipped to reduce post helmet fro. Go ahead, I dare you to shift gears in your cruiser via wedgie.  

Isabel Marant jacob fringe boot

I DOUBLE dare you to pick your wedgie in public:

Monday, August 27, 2012

Un-cinched Waist

Take Kate Spade's campaign seriously,  go ahead and have cake for breakfast, and wash it down with a little of bubbly and orange juice in a generously sized cup & saucer. Isn't the weekend all about un-cinching your waists?

"from the deep" dinner plate  -  cup & saucer  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wine Cures All

 If you're as psycho as I am and most of your mid-mid life crisii happen in your closet, then you must also be drowning in a mid summer wardrobe rut. Dying to nail any of fall's trends, weather is prohibiting the excommunication of my summer uniform such as sun - friendly floral prints. Be in a Fall obvious ala footwear, such as a wedge bootie, or a warm red piece, it would be a marvelous feeling to taste Fall and burst out of a wardrobe rut, but how so in this upper lip sweat mustache weather?
I had a fashion flashback to February and took a lesson in hues from Chloe, where a deep blood tone was intermixed with a pastel pink. What if I add wine to my spring summery pink hints floral skirt? Boom, answer solved. Splash a little of wine into my summer wardrobe. 
All it takes for me to get on the dance floor is a little wine, add some fringe and waist cinching moves are born.

Friday 'Tails!

A waist is never cinched with a high cal sugary cocktail. Don't miss the animated and charming stylish Courtney Kerr on her visit to Houston this Friday. Stop by for a tasting of Slim Bob and Skinny Chick's low coktail mixers at Spec's! The Bravo personality is bringing us the skinny on how to mix a low calorie 'tail (achem, cocktail) or too...

FRIDAY, August 24th at Spec's in midtown 5-8pm
2410 Smith St.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Cropped Skipped Top

I thought it proper to spare the universe of my not so toned abdominal area, so the crop top slash midriff flashing trend has never been a look I would dream of. It wasn't until the idea of making a dress look like separates that really came to be in Maje's FW '12 piece, a treasure I encountered in their Madrid boutique. Finally, I can cover my one pack and embrace the crop top look in a layering manner. In black and white light,  spared the world of my wobbly bits in Maje's full skirted black and white dress.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beauty Secrets: Madrid's My Little Momo

Blistered tourist feet from the walks us Houstonians aren't usually acustumed to, a manicure and pedicure can come in handy on a travel. Hidden in the luxurious Cola del Oro neighborhood, two dolls and I stumbled into a frenchified cave with blistered and swollen paws, thirsty for pedicures. One of Madrid's hidden beauty treasures is My Little Momo, one story hair salon and one gem floor manicure and pedicure haven.

If you ever happen to find yourself in Madrid, let yourself be pampered in a Frenchified cave while receiving the best manicures and pedicures in the city: My little momó

Monday, August 13, 2012

September Issues

My calendar has up and done it again, boy do Mondays suck. At the crack of dawn whilest web surfing slash shopping, my Ical alarm slapped me in the face with a double digit date, so that I know there is little to no time left in preparation and last minute details. There is less than twenty days till fashion month, twenty two days till IFB Con, twenty-three days till Lucky FAAB, five weeks till Milano Moda Donna, and six weeks until Paris Fashion Week. It's time to begin a liquids only diet (not counting midnight snacks, obvisouly), take deadlines seriously, and await that fashion month high. Thank heavens for Smythson, reminding me that good old pen and paper will never be out of style. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Book It!

Wouldn't it be great if we could carry around our fav literature and let it hold lip glosses, cellies, and ex-boyfriend's voodoo doll or whatever it is we hold in your purses... 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Friday, August 10, 2012

A Bag Drag

A whole lot of leather is quite the treat. Not only is a big bag any girls' bestie, but it often makes the holder look petite. The bigger the bag, the slimmer my limbs appear...or so the special mirror I like said. This can't always be true though, because recent relations with a leather tote has altered my big bag theory. Barely 5'4'' and a half...a big bag that is long and skinny is sort of accentuating my petite and rather round stature. And so I've told her to hit the road, and find her own form of transportation...achem...a radio flyer.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Florals in a Row

From denim, to dresses, and now stamped in leather...are floral prints the next fashion trend to ditch?  Three seasons in a row, fashion houses and denim brands have shown off their flower power via separates and accessories, but when will the garden party end? With Mother's the looker paradise printed jean still at the top of the charts for best selling, it's hard to tell if floral prints will ever leave. This Fall, one of the already sought after booties is Rag&Bone's floral-print canvas newbury bootie: a twist to their high selling style bootie in a dark backed floral stamped canvas. A lean towards the romantic side, with Haute Hippie's lace trimmed floral print top, Dolce& Gabbana's  printed stretch-silk dress, or Marni's floral cotton blend in black and gold are all fresh Fall pieces heavily stamped in florals. The garden party may be over for the sun friendly frocks that took us to lunch this spring and summer, but the flowers still hold a lot of power. Florals remain starting players in Fall collections, but have slightly been updated with a dark and romantic twist.
Parque del Buen Retiro in Madrid, Spain
After hearing rumors of floral trends coming to an end, a hibiscus stamped tote made friends and decided to ROW away....should she stick around for Fall or just keep rowing?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cinch with Oscar, SALE

Oscar de la Renta, the fashion house dedicated to waist cinching gowns, is favoring us shopaholics with a delicious sale. Offering runway pieces, gowns, web exclusive shoes, and trendsetting jewelry the Oscar SALE is not to be missed! Although the breathtaking gowns are lingering on the wallet cinching side, there's no reason to run from the reduced price accessories, achem BELTS.... 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Old Town Glory: España

Three girls, one city. After a recent skip across the pond to España with my sisters from other misters, I fully understand what Adele was referring to in one of her many somber but addictive singles, ¨Hometown Glory.¨ So much so that after an embarrassing one hour cry watching her concert at Albert Hall up in the air, I borrowed her work for my own little version to describe our Spain adventure...
We'd been walking in no way as we did
Been missing all the cracks in the pavement, scuffing our heels and blistering our feet
"Is there anything I can do for you nenas? Perhaps a Taxi I should call?"
No gracias señor. Although were lost, we like wandering...
Round this old town, memories will be made
Round this old town, the people we met
are the wooooonders of our world
are the wooooonders of our world
are the wooooonders of our world
I like it in Madrid when
 the sun burns and toasts them, repels my fair
We love it to see everybody in short skirts, espadrilles, and shades

Cinched and friends at El Escorial in San Lorenzo del Escorial, Spain.

Wearing: CrOp camisole in Monteleone, Celine trio, Jerome Dreyfuss igor bag