Monday, January 30, 2012

Be Mine, Valentine - Red Carpet Edition

Let's say cupid were to take cinched on a red carpet stroll during award season,  here's a tease at what I'd wear. For cereal, IFB asked us to create a dream red carpet look, and since i love holidays with the theme of love, I themed the #IFBproject with LOVE. Alas, the Be Mine, Valentine Red Carpet edition...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Print - spiration

Before you think long and hard about what you'll wear this week, I'd like to splash you in the face with a dose of PS SS2012. Florals have topped the print-world for spring cruising in the graphic and darker routes, alas the hawaiian specs in Versace or Stella McCartney's collections. Get ready peeps, the forecast hints spring will be hectic and colorful, kind of like my old pencil box after a couple of highlighters exploded.
 Tommy Ton
 Tommy Ton

Friday, January 27, 2012

Be Mine, Valentine Part - 1

Due to a scheduling mishap, who am I kidding, due to NYFW (yeah I'm totes going), Cinched will be spending Valentine's day all in my lonely in NYC. It looks like a hot array of reds and pinks will be my Valentines...I'm looking at you Proenza and Elaine Turner Python...

6. Red hot shorts      7. PS 11 Classic Bag

Houstonian Lovers...see how our favorite handbag designer ELAINE TURNER is showing her LOVE...
Elaine Turner has found the perfect match for you this Valentine’s Day! 
What date night (or ladies night) outfit is complete without a great pair of shoes and a fabulous handbag
February 1-14, Elaine Turner will offer a “Perfect Match” promotion
Customers who purchase both a pair of shoes and a bag will receive 15 percent off their entire purchase. Hop to an Elaine Turner boutique near you and find the perfect pair...

Don't miss the fiesta...
The handbag and shoe maven is also sweetening the deal by inviting ladies into her Rice Village boutique for a Pre-Valentine’s Day Soiree of shopping, primping, champagne and chocolates Thursday, February 9, 6-8pm. Let the experts of Christi Harris Beaute’ Playground at Michael Kemper give your face a boost with complimentary professional brow shaping and makeup tips for a Valentine’s on the town. A premiere fashion stylist will also show suggestions for date night ensembles. 

Can I Borrow that Frock?

As I previously mentioned, I have a gazillion nuptials to attend this year. Because I'd like to attend without repeat offending the same LBD,  I'm afraid my shoe budget will squeeze dry if I opt to buying dresses for the occasions. Thank heavens my galpal is launching New for the Night : a Designer dress rental site  that will offer dresses for rent for a fraction of their retail value. Due to launch this February, the site stocks an assortment of in-season styles bought directly from designers and rented to customers for a 3-10 day rental period.

It’s Saturday night and let’s face it, you have a closet full of clothes and not a thing to wear. creator and Houston native Brittany Sakowitz has a solution to this perpetual dilemma, urging you to borrow something beautiful from the newest name in rental fashion.

If you are as anxious as Cinched for their launch wander over to:  New for the Night Tumblr  tease of the frocks you will be able to borrow...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Packing for the Brrr's - Sundance Edition

Have you read the latest David Peck Collection Scoop?
The DPC team has got the scoop on the secret to chic warmth at Sundance...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Have a Laugh with me...


part deux...

In-Vesting in Chan Luu at Calypso

Nothing thrills me more than foreign additions to Houston's retail, especially when an overall shopping experience is defined by darling decor and extraordinary apparel, run by a creative crew (basically I had to remind myself I couldn't hang out there all day). Bloggers who want to attend can have Article Writing Services cover their blog. Happy to present, my latest shopping crush: Calypso St. Barth... 

Finally paying a visit to Houston's CALYPSO St. Barth in Highland Village, I came across Chan Luu piece that has completely transformed my wardrobe (plus it was on sale).  I really must credit the marvelous team at Houston's Calypso styling the diverse potential behind what seemed an intimidating piece via hanger.

Calypso Houston stylist Kate, a fashion student at Art Institute, showed me an easy way to wear the crystal vest by pairing the delicate top over a graceful Calypso silk maxi dress.  I instantly saw the potential within the crop top, and how it would transform any ensemble, be it an old LBD, sun dress, or even an old tee and jeans.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Time has Come the Closet Said...

"The time has come," the wardrobe said,
"To talk of many things:
Of misplaced shoes--and jeans in stacks--
Of a roomier home --- and things--"
I guess it's time I try and survive out there on my own...I will never leave the nest, but I am finding a second home across town for my Loubs and things...Cinched moves out post series shall begin...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Packin for the Brrr's - Footsies Edition

If you instagra-ham cracker me, then you already know I hopped north for a hot second. Literally was in nyc for thirty six hours and with only a hot mili-second to pack, broke a cardinal rule traveling with ONE pair of shoes. Glad they were flats and thunder thigh cinching boots, otherwise I would have been screwed with a mad case of the foot brrr's.
For those of you fancy pants going to Sundance or are totes legit already in Park City (you suck), I'm feeling a mad case of shopping envy towards you because all this warm junk is on reduction... And by junk i mean booties my frigid feet keep twitching for, all of which (minus the bootie lust) are under $200! But what would a bootie sale post be without the LUST feature. Ladies and waist cinchers, meet the Giuseppe Zanotti dip side wedges...

1.   Joie Love Street Wedge  2.  Ash Folk Suede Wedges  3. Joes Jeans Gala II
4. Ash Cuff Long Boots   5. One by Elizabeth Brady wedge booties  6.  Giuseppe Zanotti

 Oh yeah, slight hilarious side-note...Joel Osteen and esposa (that's spanish for wife) were sitting in front of me on outgoing flight. I must give her props for the perfectly set curls on board. Her maine stayed intact like the porcelain dolls' my godmother gifted me but never allowed me to play with. The recycled air completely repelled the Mrs. Osteen hair on the other hand, um let's say the friend I visited loaned me a hat.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time for Ketchup

Hold the fries you fat kids. I'm supposed to be on a no drink no frittes January. Those of you whom over-served me at Coppa and tricked me into trying the misto fritto because half of you were forty five minutes late, F*** you, i had an amazing time and let's do it again.  No but for cereal, this post is about catching up, not Ketchup...Haaaa, thought I'd lure you fatties foodies if I titled it a condiment.  Let's ketchup and see what Cinched has been up to the past week, and why her daily posts are a little bit on the low side...

1. finding Karl (a highly addictive game in which my fingers cramped after three hours of consecutive epic failing games, so I visited an orthopedist this morning and when he asked why i was on my phone so long I thought it easier to explain that I was playing chess to impress a boy),   2.  pinteresting... (check out my current favorite moodboard...just bein a fat kid), &
3. making hipster friends via instagramming 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sunnies Sides Up

Been feeling a little square via my sun-ware, veering me to crush on the frames with a slight face-lift. Because a full cat eye shape isn't meant for my snowman head, a small side shift or  a squared dramatization of the frames can work on us plate faced gals. The focus is on the accent of the temples (the areas behind your eyes right as your hairline begins). It's the spots you're supposed to massage when a stress dynamite went off in your brain...that's the part...try sunnies with the side UP!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Motilo to the Rescue

If only I could count the hours I spend twirling between my closet and mirror deciphering just what to wear, it would most likely total the amount of time I spend shopping online. There isn't one day I don't wish for the computer program Cher of Clueless used to itemize her wardrobe with. Thank the fashion heavens for a new and improved Motilo, making fashion and shopping a progressive experience. For a sneak peak of what is to come, check out Motilo's collaboration with Pomplamoose in an audiovisual treat relating to my mornings...

want to learn more...check out this tutorial.

A POP of German Modernism via Dior

 Black in spring?  Oh yes, she went there and.....loved it.

A contributing Cinchista wanders to Saks Fifth Avenue for the latest scoop on Dior's collaboration with  German Artist Anselm Reyle to create a capsule of bright, color saturated and fluorescent camouflage prints with abstract bold colors.  
Four Manicure styles bedazzled my fingers thanks to the Dior Nail Bar and the Dior nail lacquers with more of a high gloss than most other nail products at Saks Fifth Avenue

The half Metallic Silver and half Untitled Black Electric nail look is my FAV Spring look.  
The Pink GraffitiElectric Blue or Ultra Violet line between the two dark shades puts Spring right back into it despite the black and gray. 

The Rock your nails look is a smoky top coat covered over one of the bright hues to give it a darker edge to it.  

Pop Art nails are the original hues painted solo but each nail is painted a different tone.   

The Arty French is a modern twist of a french manicure using two or more tones.  

Rock coat for a smoky look | Top coat to give a shiny look

Stay cinched,
The Cinchista

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cinched Gets CrOp -ed

After a season adoring every bit of their pieces, it has been a dream come true to become CrOp by David Peck brand ambassador! Looking forward to a bevy of collaborations, Cinched couldn't be happier than to team with a fashion label that is as environmentally conscious as creatively groundbreaking. Blushing aside, it is my honor to show off a couple of favored cinched at the waist silhouettes from CrOp's Fall collection...
The Maxine Dress
The Maxine, a full skirt printed silk charmeuse dress, is manufactured (like the rest of CrOp label) in the David Peck Factory in our very own Houston, Texas, USA.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

They Saw me blogging and they told me to stop...

A particular question has bored me since the first day I moved to this beloved country. It didn't pester  until adulthood, when it clearly applied to a post college graduate. "And what do you do?" is a query briefly following an introduction of two strangers in America, to which I've habitually developed a yawn in responce, shifting its sole purpose of conversation initiative.  It's funny because once I answer, "I write a fashion blog," they follow with,  "and what do you do for a living?"
I've decided to answer: I stay hydrated, sit at a desk all day and  answer phone calls with...
Photography by Ryce Yanez

Live Nation Pop Phone Hand Set  -  FEED Judith Leiber  - Tsumori Chisato
similar black flats

They heard me singing and they told me to stop
quit these pretentious things and just punch the clock
these days my life, I feel it has no purpose
but late at night the feelings swim to the surface

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hunting in the Rain

This may sound like a humble-brag but I took  Hunter croc - embossed boots out for the second time EVER, this monday (the first time being cinched at the waist's attempt to remake the glee/rihanna mashup). Seriously, for over a year an half these babies were snoozing in a box 'till Houston woke to a splashing morning commute, allowing us to go for a swim...
Making a couple of morning errands, and a swampy walk to our office, my footsies stayed completely dry!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Using Protection & Claiming a Staple..or two...

Two major necessities to be addressed: claiming a staple piece or two and the importance of safe texts. While I didn't think i could inflate my head anymore after the over flow of self promoting images via recent posts, I'm going to go ahead and claim to have "staple" pieces in my wardrobe whilest showing a little more of the thunder thighs.
1. Staple piece numero uno: the ever flowing silk crepe de chine CrOp Lucie top. Made here in our very own Houston, Texas the dark teal blouse has rocked colored denims, knee skimming corduroy, and lately a waist cinching mini.
2. Staple piece numero dos: the pleated mini brought to us via Christmas spirit shopping spree at Miu Miu...well really anytime I splurge on a piece it seems I must convince myself it was worth the wallet squeeze by pairing it with everything I can (that is if I can stop myself from snacking on holiday cookies and not outgrow it).
For a hot second last week I felt ashamed and vain after a grumpy old man called me out for owning what he referred to as a Marc Jacobs "phone condom." Shame on me for befriending a foolish mind. It wasn't till roaming with my phone bare and sending unprotected texts that I realized how essential a wild hearts iphone case is to my buttery fingers.

                                                      Top  -  similar/fancier Skirt  -  Phone

Friday, January 6, 2012

Don't Miss: CultureMap's Fashion on Sale

Any pro shopper knows the holiday sales are a tease. It's the post festivities price knock downs worth the wait, making CultureMap’s  inaugural Fashion on Sale irresistible.
 Presented by Momentum Audi, Fashion on Sale takes  place January 13­-15,  2012 at River Oaks West Ave... Set to be Houston's largest collection of  women’s boutique retailers in one space offering end-­‐of-­‐season clothing and accessories at can’t-beat designer clearance itemspreview spring collectionsdabble in select beauty products and enjoy cocktails while immersed in a fashion and beauty experience. 


 Cinched at the Waist is giving away 2 tickets to CultureMap's Fashion on Sale, leave a comment with your email or contact me if you'd like to join us! Winner will be contacted thursday.

Ever Held One like this?

Protected near your side, and well gripped from the bottom? No, not a baby. Surprisingly I'm really good at holding those, but for now I'm testing holding a leather bound calf skin baby as if it's a flimsy paper grocery bag  about to tear through...

Enough about Celine already, can we discuss my current January uniform? Apparently I've been missing the days of Episcopal High School because my mini and blouse combo ensemble highly resembles the uniforms of my teen years, except this time around my waist is wider, I'm not smacking on bubble gum, and my shirt tail is obediently tucked in. All I need is a chocolate chip cookie and 9am chapel ja vu.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Le Metier De Beaute to the Rescue

It's not that I've been kissed a lot, or a little even, but my lips have come into the new year utterly cracked.  If global warming wasn't keeping my furs in storage I'd blame the winter weathering, but for an unapparent reason even my fingers have the winter blues. Thank the beauty heavens for Le Metier de Beaute's resort lip glosses and nail lacquers coming to a Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman near you...
Resort collections are a fashion lovers’ best-kept secret. Just when were layering cashmere and wool, designers inspire with spirited, special collections that transport us to far away destinations. Now, with Le Métier de Beauté’s first resort color collection, Jet Set, beauty is along for the journey. Curated by Neiman Marcus’s own Ken Downing, this collection of bright, eye-catching shades of nail lacquer and lip gloss take the lead as the next beauty must-haves.

HibisKiss  &  Orange Juiced
 Ultra-lightweight and enriched with emollients and antioxidants, including Vitamin E and Lanolin, Sheer Brilliance Lip Glosses drench lips in sumptuous, punchy semi-translucent glossy color. Sheer Brilliance's unique, silky texture and easy-glide formula is never heavy, sticky or tacky. Suggested retail price $32 each.

Three saturated nail lacquer shades transport the wearer to faraway lands:  ShocKEN Pink – Hot, hot, hot pink,  Not So Safe Orange – A saturated, goes-with-everything bright,  Yield to Yellow – A mellow, primary yellow.  Le Métier de Beauté specifically formulates their nail lacquers to be 3-Free without formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and Proposition 65-compliant. Fortified with strengthening proteins and hydrators, Le Métier de Beauté Nail Lacquers are highly pigmented for rich, glossy color that is long-wearing and chip-resistant. Packaged in the larger .40fl oz/11.3ml size, each nail lacquer retails for a suggested price of $18 each.

A Timeless Accessory...

   Like a good looking man-friend, an exquisite handbag is another type of arm candy that becomes irresistible with age. Having only ventured with manfriends born in early eighties and Fendi baguettes from the late nineties, I'm quite drawn to time traveling a few decades further...via handbags, of course...bringing me to  Tootsies'  newest vintage handbag collection that includes an array of "must have" hand-crafted European bags from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. Made by a top European craftsman from France and Italy, this collection boasts impeccable design and skill. The genuine exotic crocodile and alligator skins used makes for a timeless fashion accessory.  Priced between $295 - $1,295, the bags come from a variety of designers including Lucille de Paris, Koret, Bellfast and Finesse de la Model.

“Tootsies is proud to release this rare collection of handcrafted vintage handbags.  These designers are highly recognizable among the collectors and are classics that never go out of fashion,” said Mickey Rosmarin.

Tootsies, Houston’s foremost luxurious shopping experience and place to find the best-kept secrets is located at 2601 Westheimer.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beachy Discounts...

I hope the new year will bring forth as many travels as 2011 did. Wow, was that a humble brag? Ridiculous. Anyways, I still wish I was on cozy sand somewhere blistering my skin hot red to take advantage of these beachy discounts...

Sneak-ing a Giveaway, Gift Cards for Cinched Readers!

Just because the lights, ribbons, and gifts have been shoved back in the attic, doesn't mean the season of giving is over. Cinched at the Waist would like to start off the year with a Sneakpeeq giveaway!  sneakpeeq is giving away 20% off your next purchase just for entering, plus a chance at the Grand Prize:  one winner will receive a $25 gift card to use on your favorite food, style and home products.  Two runners-up prize winners will receive a $10 gift card—that goes a long way in sneakpeeq’s amazingly low-priced boutiques!

Come see all the things you love but haven’t discovered.  Sneakpeeq only has New Products that you have never seen before!
winner announced 1- 20- 12

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Buzzz

Fashion trend buzz that is- which is the only type of buzz I will be experiencing for the next few weeks seeing as my gal pals and I have begun a NDJ. No drink january, really the name for my january cleanse prohibiting sugar, alcohol, and anything fried. As you'll notice bellow I can only cinch my thunder thighs so much in a Miu Miu mini post xmas break eating...the cleanse must go on! Good luck to me...and on with the high I'm getting off the printed silk scarves cinching spring's 2012's highly anticipated bags. My first buzz was off a duffle chameleon in Fendi's resort ad campaign streaming the bag with a silk scarf.  Yes, scarfing your handbag is back, get on it!

photography by Ryce Yanez

Blouse  - skirt  - tights - 5 Stack Vintage Scarf  -  booties -  bag

This trend buzz also has me a little relieved because I finally have something to do with the endless silk scarves I've been gifted over the years. You know those super cute and iconic printed scarves you can only pull off so many times around your head or neck? Well it's time you adorn your latest leather purchase or update an old goodie by laso-ing it with an animal print,  floral, or  tie dye silk scarf.