Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Buzzz

Fashion trend buzz that is- which is the only type of buzz I will be experiencing for the next few weeks seeing as my gal pals and I have begun a NDJ. No drink january, really the name for my january cleanse prohibiting sugar, alcohol, and anything fried. As you'll notice bellow I can only cinch my thunder thighs so much in a Miu Miu mini post xmas break eating...the cleanse must go on! Good luck to me...and on with the high I'm getting off the printed silk scarves cinching spring's 2012's highly anticipated bags. My first buzz was off a duffle chameleon in Fendi's resort ad campaign streaming the bag with a silk scarf.  Yes, scarfing your handbag is back, get on it!

photography by Ryce Yanez

Blouse  - skirt  - tights - 5 Stack Vintage Scarf  -  booties -  bag

This trend buzz also has me a little relieved because I finally have something to do with the endless silk scarves I've been gifted over the years. You know those super cute and iconic printed scarves you can only pull off so many times around your head or neck? Well it's time you adorn your latest leather purchase or update an old goodie by laso-ing it with an animal print,  floral, or  tie dye silk scarf.