Friday, January 20, 2012

Packin for the Brrr's - Footsies Edition

If you instagra-ham cracker me, then you already know I hopped north for a hot second. Literally was in nyc for thirty six hours and with only a hot mili-second to pack, broke a cardinal rule traveling with ONE pair of shoes. Glad they were flats and thunder thigh cinching boots, otherwise I would have been screwed with a mad case of the foot brrr's.
For those of you fancy pants going to Sundance or are totes legit already in Park City (you suck), I'm feeling a mad case of shopping envy towards you because all this warm junk is on reduction... And by junk i mean booties my frigid feet keep twitching for, all of which (minus the bootie lust) are under $200! But what would a bootie sale post be without the LUST feature. Ladies and waist cinchers, meet the Giuseppe Zanotti dip side wedges...

1.   Joie Love Street Wedge  2.  Ash Folk Suede Wedges  3. Joes Jeans Gala II
4. Ash Cuff Long Boots   5. One by Elizabeth Brady wedge booties  6.  Giuseppe Zanotti

 Oh yeah, slight hilarious side-note...Joel Osteen and esposa (that's spanish for wife) were sitting in front of me on outgoing flight. I must give her props for the perfectly set curls on board. Her maine stayed intact like the porcelain dolls' my godmother gifted me but never allowed me to play with. The recycled air completely repelled the Mrs. Osteen hair on the other hand, um let's say the friend I visited loaned me a hat.