Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A POP of German Modernism via Dior

 Black in spring?  Oh yes, she went there and.....loved it.

A contributing Cinchista wanders to Saks Fifth Avenue for the latest scoop on Dior's collaboration with  German Artist Anselm Reyle to create a capsule of bright, color saturated and fluorescent camouflage prints with abstract bold colors.  
Four Manicure styles bedazzled my fingers thanks to the Dior Nail Bar and the Dior nail lacquers with more of a high gloss than most other nail products at Saks Fifth Avenue

The half Metallic Silver and half Untitled Black Electric nail look is my FAV Spring look.  
The Pink GraffitiElectric Blue or Ultra Violet line between the two dark shades puts Spring right back into it despite the black and gray. 

The Rock your nails look is a smoky top coat covered over one of the bright hues to give it a darker edge to it.  

Pop Art nails are the original hues painted solo but each nail is painted a different tone.   

The Arty French is a modern twist of a french manicure using two or more tones.  

Rock coat for a smoky look | Top coat to give a shiny look

Stay cinched,
The Cinchista