Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time for Ketchup

Hold the fries you fat kids. I'm supposed to be on a no drink no frittes January. Those of you whom over-served me at Coppa and tricked me into trying the misto fritto because half of you were forty five minutes late, F*** you, i had an amazing time and let's do it again.  No but for cereal, this post is about catching up, not Ketchup...Haaaa, thought I'd lure you fatties foodies if I titled it a condiment.  Let's ketchup and see what Cinched has been up to the past week, and why her daily posts are a little bit on the low side...

1. finding Karl (a highly addictive game in which my fingers cramped after three hours of consecutive epic failing games, so I visited an orthopedist this morning and when he asked why i was on my phone so long I thought it easier to explain that I was playing chess to impress a boy),   2.  pinteresting... (check out my current favorite moodboard...just bein a fat kid), &
3. making hipster friends via instagramming