Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Timeless Accessory...

   Like a good looking man-friend, an exquisite handbag is another type of arm candy that becomes irresistible with age. Having only ventured with manfriends born in early eighties and Fendi baguettes from the late nineties, I'm quite drawn to time traveling a few decades further...via handbags, of course...bringing me to  Tootsies'  newest vintage handbag collection that includes an array of "must have" hand-crafted European bags from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. Made by a top European craftsman from France and Italy, this collection boasts impeccable design and skill. The genuine exotic crocodile and alligator skins used makes for a timeless fashion accessory.  Priced between $295 - $1,295, the bags come from a variety of designers including Lucille de Paris, Koret, Bellfast and Finesse de la Model.

“Tootsies is proud to release this rare collection of handcrafted vintage handbags.  These designers are highly recognizable among the collectors and are classics that never go out of fashion,” said Mickey Rosmarin.

Tootsies, Houston’s foremost luxurious shopping experience and place to find the best-kept secrets is located at 2601 Westheimer.