Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Using Protection & Claiming a Staple..or two...

Two major necessities to be addressed: claiming a staple piece or two and the importance of safe texts. While I didn't think i could inflate my head anymore after the over flow of self promoting images via recent posts, I'm going to go ahead and claim to have "staple" pieces in my wardrobe whilest showing a little more of the thunder thighs.
1. Staple piece numero uno: the ever flowing silk crepe de chine CrOp Lucie top. Made here in our very own Houston, Texas the dark teal blouse has rocked colored denims, knee skimming corduroy, and lately a waist cinching mini.
2. Staple piece numero dos: the pleated mini brought to us via Christmas spirit shopping spree at Miu Miu...well really anytime I splurge on a piece it seems I must convince myself it was worth the wallet squeeze by pairing it with everything I can (that is if I can stop myself from snacking on holiday cookies and not outgrow it).
For a hot second last week I felt ashamed and vain after a grumpy old man called me out for owning what he referred to as a Marc Jacobs "phone condom." Shame on me for befriending a foolish mind. It wasn't till roaming with my phone bare and sending unprotected texts that I realized how essential a wild hearts iphone case is to my buttery fingers.

                                                      Top  -  similar/fancier Skirt  -  Phone