Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Want to be a Sea Monster, NYFW

Across the collections of FW2012 glamour evening reds reminded me of what we look forward to in Winters, the special occasions and festivities, but it was a striking New Zealand collection "Sea Monsters" by Karen Walker that really slapped me across the face with reality. I mean what do you really wear everyday from october to january? Obviously we aren't spending every night at a cocktail party, well if you are tell me because I want your job. What we really seek during this time is comfort, cozy, and classically persuaded edge to your everyday wear, and what better way than translated into a tomboy nautical themed collection?

Karen Walker F/W 2012, images per
My favorite part of the show was that after three or four skirt suit and printed nautical paisley looks, a drop crotched pair of trousers would jump in...feminine edge and comfort... that is exactly how I want to spend my winter of '12...

Karen Walker F/W 2012, images per

Notice the diversity among the footwear? I didn't catch the striking python'ed monsters, sleek pumps, and flat triangular booties via third row, but how amazing are these babies? Scroll up again for a double take.

waiting for Karen Walker F/W 2012 February 13, 2012 New York