Monday, February 6, 2012

Let the Borrowing Begin...

Shaking in my Loubs in excitement because today at 11am central New for the Night will begin taking appointments to visit a darling showroom filled with endless frocks for your any occasion!
If you live under a rock and have yet to hear about New for the Night, it is a designer dress rental site with a showroom in Houston, offering dresses for rent for a fraction of their retail value. The site stocks an assortment of in-season styles bought directly from designers and rented to customers for a 3-10 day rental period. NFTN focuses on the “Southern girl”—meaning big prints, bold colors and lightweight fabrics. The selection of dresses is growing by the day as the site partners with well-known and emerging designers before its launch later this month.
Be it a Valentine's date, cocktail soiree, or just because you're tired of your closet, here's a peek at the LBD's (little blue & black dresses) at New for the Night...

Waist Cinching Little Blue and Black dresses!

Schedule your fitting:
call 713.526.1166!