Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Missin my Shorty

I gotta share a borderline crazy moment I had this weekend. Spring shorts shopping led me to serious tears and faucet running nose the other night when I realized just how empty my bed is these days without my shorty.  How the F do mothers send their children to boarding school? My beast has been at training camp for about sixteen days, three hours, and twenty nine minutes. I know because I've been counting till she return a well behaved lady that will no longer consume her sister's red soles. I swear she only likes the reds.

similar 3.1 Phillip Lim shorts
Many of you may not know that Saint Bernard's have drool friendly shaped mouths, making my Carina friendly ensembles harder to pick. Shorts are my favorite clothing piece to wear with her because the less fabric involved, the less chances of drool mishaps...

1. ASOS vero moda shorts  2. Rag & Bone Shorts
3. Rebecca Minoff Desert Short burnt orange  &  4. Bright orange

Advice for the beast lovers out there: always carry a pack of wet ones, perfect to wipe any drool mishaps off with!