Thursday, February 9, 2012

Repetto After Me...

Not only under over dressed* at IFB con, I felt like a total bore in thigh cinching flats among a crowd of bloggers towering over me in stunning wedges. But as the conference resumed, fabulously heeled bloggers stepped into a snowy breezy and slippery afternoon. I realized just how lovely it is to Repetto after me: every now and then, it might just be okay to flat it out for the day...So I must respect how flat-ing it out came into good use, even if it was just for a two block walk to hail a cabby.

uno  -  dos  -  tres
cuatro  - cinco  - seis

*under-over dressed is when i use common sense and actually permit weather predictions to restrain and alter a preassemble ensemble. I totally over layered with an ugly coat and thigh hiding flat boots resulting in an under dressed look among a sartorial blogging crowd.

On Ballerina flats:
Classic or classically boring?
Share your thoughts Cinchistas!