Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Romping Spring

Ryce Yanez photography
 No, I'm not acting a sloot and lifting the skirt to moon the missing crowd behind me. The above stretched subject is named Kearny, and he is not a dress, but a romper, or as they call in England (by england I mean net-a-porter) a PLAYSUIT. Quite the suitable name because I want to play in this CrOp SS 2012 suit all spring and summer long. There is no explanation for the long face above. I must have been holding my breath because my head is beginning to turn purple and blue, and by head I mean legs...which explains why I cinched the playsuit with a tape thin belt, slapped on pale leg hiding boots, and went on a playdate this weekend....
by playdate I mean played Simon and made drawer - ings. Art students may have had similar weekend plans.

Back on a cereal note, consider Kearny a taste of CrOp David Peck SS2012 New Orleans inspired collection "Crescent Rising" debuted via David Peck Collection last week.  Among six of the NOLA inspired prints that make up "Crescent Rising", the Spanish Moss print is inspired by the beautiful Audubon Park.
Check out DPC's tour of NOLA and the story behind the collection here.

Ryce Yanez

P.S. Did you catch Kearney's cousin Janvier on CW hit show Hart of Dixie? Jamie King's character was spotted wearing CrOp Janvier dress, a cap sleeve sheath dress in Spanish Moss print.

Jamie King wearing David Peck Collection in Hart of Dixie.