Friday, February 24, 2012

Salute 'em Shorts

Just as the power pump has windled its way into the statement shoe of the year, power lunching and all of its essentials have joined. In order to power lunch, you must have a job, or appear to have a powerful job to which you can wear a power suit and give off the impression that if you are powerfully dressed people will trust you with their money. It's funny how that works. Power suit of twenty twelve: is essentially the classic suit combo that men have been sporting for ages, just a little bit cropped.
Cropped jacket + cropped trousers = the perfect ingredients to a modern power suit...perfect example

P.S. If you live anywhere outside of Houston, I'm sorry you can't pull this off. The only envy you should feel towards us is swinging this trend off at work but just know that we only wear this to avoid  working up a sweat walking vehicle to building.
Here's a couple of real world affordable options:

 - ASOS high waist silky

- ASOS tailored curved front

have a good weekend, and don't forget to cinch your waist...I'll tell you why via next post.