Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wish I was a taller

I'm not that thuggish, not that sluggish, and beyond terrible with rhymes but the Willows have inspired me to flow a little bit. On regular rounds of Shopbop cruising, a Zanotti crossed my path. The sculpted nude leather wedge with ankle cinching gold buckles whispered from across the screen, "I bet you can't wear me you short plump." I handled it pretty well and smiled back. Italians can be so crude sometimes. I smiled because I know underneath that sleek facade is nothing but a terrified innovative platform that will twist hundred of ankles. See you in the summer Z's, I will dominate you...until then, I wrote a song for you, inspired by Skee-lo. 

Hey, this is radio station C-A-T-W  
 We’re takin’ calls off the cinch line
Making all the waists' wishes come true
I wish I was a little bit taller,   
Thunder thighs a lil smaller
I wish I had this platform and then stood
Up in a crowd, I would smile
I wish I had a zanotti in a box, lined with fox
topped with my cherry lip gloss...