Monday, February 27, 2012

Year O' Cinched

As Sachin+ Babi splashed it in my face in New York, Burberry did in London, and now Fendi has in's the year of Cinched Waists!  Fuck Forget potato sack dresses and baggy maternity frocks. No one is having a kid here, and if you are, then cinch just north of the little sucker. The fall of 2012 wont stand for anything aside from a figure shaping look. And if you're an alien slash weirdo that just hates to show femininity, then good luck buying anything this winter because you wont find it.



Aside from the central cinching, these collections have themed cinching significantly different textures and sachin + babi with chiffon and leather dresses or Fendi's wool and leather skirts. It's really a winter to unite more so than cinch I why not unite your torso to your legs via waist line...

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Thank you Sachin Babi Ahluwalia, Christopher Bailey, Karl and Silvia Ventiruni Fendi for being yourselves and well, for a waist cinching themed winter.

Like I've said a bagillion times, a waist is nothing to waste.