Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Your Heads Will Probably be Cropped"

And they were...heads, shoulders, knees, and toes were cropped out of the images that New York Magazine's The Cut shot of LA and I outside of Milk Studios over NYFW. Those of you who have yet to follow me on the intagra-ham cracker (which has been the only way to keep up with Cinched the past week, sorry I had little time to blog), LA is Lindley Arnoldy, jewelry designer of Korcula, author of the flip side and fav new travel pal. Pretty sure I wouldn't of survived my first New York Fashion Week without LA, not only is her style inspirational, but over all philosophy in life is one to imitate. 

Can you guess which ones are Lindley or Cinched? 
Here's a clue...

Celine mini luggage tote and Celine phantom getting shot by NY Mag Photog