Saturday, March 31, 2012

Paris Talk is NOT Over

The Paris blabber will never end. Cinched and LA begin a brief tell all of our Parisian Fashion Week experience via  AMERICAN GIRLS IN PARIS
Because I have yet to completely overload you with Parisian images, here's a couple of more...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Letter to my ex-girlfriends

Dear Suedes,

I'm sorry you're still bitter about our break up. I know the last day we shared together was a bit harsh for you (having to trot in a frappuccino slush all day), but it's not my fault that Paris in the rain is so chic to walk in. The truth is, we only dated for three weeks, and it takes exactly half the time you dated to get over your ex. So come on girls, get over it. I must move on to sluttier and heat accommodating girls (dare I say it) SANDALS. Don't go all emo and consider me somebody that you used to know, this is a temp break. I'll be checking you into rehab and you'll look good as new come September. Until then girls,

I leave you with images LA snapped of you at your prime in Paris.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Miami in Shoes

For the privacy of dear subjects, images of a brief Miami journey need'nt be shared. However, being the sneaker (pun intended) photog that I am, "Cinched goes MIA" will be shared via tales of shoes...start from the top and continue clockwise please...try not to take these tales for cereal...they are half fiction...
 - The only place I didn't sin was at The Webster, and boy was that dumb. I should have resisted all temptation miami had to offer, yet I resisted sinning with PH canvas wedgies. It's been three days since I stepped out the Webster empty handed. I know because I've  had exactly two terrible nights of sleep. Good thing my friends in the UK (net-a-porter) offer redemption by just a clicky. For all the other sin I didn't resist, evidence lies in bagged under eyes and sore throat.

 - Tale of getting into hotel pool parties: Being the dumb betches that me and my besties are, we stayed at the coolest slash dorkiest hotel evs. Coolest because there were no idiot kids puking and dancing to bad house music pool side, and dorkiest because it's the type of joint my mom would stay so we had to every now and then sneak into our rowdy friends' hotel pools to party. Anyways, pool bouncers are like weird. They asked me why my pool cover up slash cocktail dress had large buttons and made me kind of wait to get in. After waiting a hot second, I walk in to notice that bums (by bum I mean friend) are allowed in just because they are wearing italian suede booties. Seriously? When is it cool to protect your feet from getting sunburned?  #ugh #shoreclub

Friday, March 23, 2012

MIA for Spring Break, and a Label Crush

When did Spring break get taken away? I swear the older I get the less I'm allowed to do. Soooo not fair. And to those of you who argue I was just in Paris, um hello that was for bidness; the bidness of updating you live action from the cat walk via social medias. Have you checked the Cinched tube? It's totes legit, filled with a few spectator views of Paris fashion week. I do wish I could be heading on a springy so I could upload vidis of my toes in warm sand and salt water...imagine what I would wear if  
 I could be bitchy somewhere beachy...

Theodora & Callum

"Can you please stop driving a like maniac while you text?" - is a direct quote from every manfriend that risks their lives riding with or near Cinched on the road. Talk to the hand, I mean phone because I'm addicted to multi tasking. Which is why I've grown quite fond of the multitasking scarves of Theodora & Callum.

Monday, March 19, 2012

On the subject of Hats...

Aside the ocasional beret here and there, I haven't dated many hats. It's not that I'm not a fan, I just never considered their purpose aside from outerwear. A few fuzzy heads at NY and Paris fashion weeks really had me craving a faux fur topper like the one LA was sporting when featured on speakfashion.
Doesn't the faux fur trapper perfectly conclude the ensemble?

Lindley Arnoldy and Regency Boies shopping in Soho

Hats Off to Mothers

On the topic of mothers, and the million ways we should honor them, it's only suiting Cinched at the Waist dig up a marvelous hat for  Easter Seals Greater Houston's 13th Annual ‘Hats Off to Mothers’ Luncheon tomorrow.

Easter Seals Greater Houston, the local non-profit provider of services for individuals with disabilities of all kinds and their families, is honored to announce the 13th annual ‘Hats Off to Mothers’ Luncheon taking place March 20 at the River Oaks Country Club from 11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. As Easter Seals’ largest fundraiser, the event will feature a seated luncheon, reception, and informal fashion show by Neiman Marcus-Galleria.
Last year’s event hosted more than 400 guests, all donning their most elaborate and eye-catching hats. Raising more than $155,000 for the one in six Houstonians with disabilities, the event was a huge success. “We are so excited to honor such amazing women this year,” said Elise Hough, CEO of Easter Seals Greater Houston. “Each one is a shining example of the woman who does it all, and there’s no better way to show our gratitude for all they do for our community than to honor them at this year’s luncheon.”

Got it from mah Mama...

Baby, where'd you get your body from?  Tell me, where'd you get your body from? 
I got it from mah mama.    I got it from mah mama...
Lacking a music video maven physique, I dont get asked that much. Sometimes peeps question the weird ass fancy shit/purses (examples: red one, navy one) I wear sometimes, all of which came from my room mate of twenty something years, achem my Mama. Recently discovered, I haven't been borrowing well. Catching up with Mama Cinched when I returned from Paris over dinner I broke out my ipad and shared the world of street style photographer blogs...
 "Everyone is wearing a boy, why you no borrow mine?" Mama Cinched asked.
"Um what the F, mom. Your boy is my Dad and why would I have brought him to Paris Fashion Week?" 
"Ju don't know the Boy? Oh may Gah...And ju are fashion blogger? Boy is bag the really cute girl is wearing," she responds referring to Misrolava Duma sporting a quilted black and white adjustable strap Chanel.

Miroslava Duma with a Chanel Boy flap bag, image per Jak&Jil
Almost positive I don't have anything nearly cool enough to borrow this bag for, let's take a peek at how these dolls wore 'em...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Orange You Glad it's Friday?

Orange you glad college football slash basketball is over so strangers will stop asking if  the rust rag&bone's are available for purchase at the University of Texas co-op? I found it a relief to slip these babies on in Paris because no one gave me a hook 'em horns index and pinkie hand gesture. 

Before Peachoo Krejberg fall 2012 RTW show, Paris Fashion Week

CrOp Trin blouse, Rag&Bone skinnies in rust

Thursday, March 15, 2012

PFW: Celine on Me

Pshh totes not cool enough to have gotten the exclusive presentation of Celine FW 2012/2013 ready to wear last week in Paris, but boy was it amazeballs via I mean, I heard Phoebe Philo's water broke for the finale...just kidding. That was quite disrespectful slash inappropriate joke I immediately take back. What I don't take back is how badly I might have sinned at the temp boutique on Ave Montaigne after lunch at L'Avenue. It involved a mini luggage tote for a friend, a cross body trio for my mum, and some spectacles for yours truly (images after the jump). But for cereal, back to what's important, with important meaning new:

images per

Pardon the tone in this post, but I intend zero negativity. I am a die hard fan of Philo for she has influenced my handbag collection since college (achem: Chloe Paddington and Silverado, Celine phantom and mini lugg totes), but this is my honest reaction to Philo's latest contribution to Celine: Hobo all the way. The massive over sized coats and folded up leather pouches carried like an old grocery sack gave the overall impression that she was influenced by homeless attire. Man, I really can't wait to look like a homeless person come winter and fall. What I don't understand but really sort of love are the zipper accents. Bold zippers cinch wide legged ankle trousers, square toed boots, and arch lined jackets...hilarious juxtaposition...zippers don't cinch at all because they are loose fitting pieces. Not flattering, but somehow I'm intrigued...and more so by the leather goodies. Like I said, totes a die hard fan...and if Phoebe says: hey take this fine ass piece of leather sack throw your lip glossies, sunnies and the rest of you s**t,  roll it up and pinch the bag under my farm (fat + arm = farm) pit...then I will do it. Mostly because she has a clever way of crafting "it bags" and by it bags I mean bags that just tickle my fancy.
But really really...don't we all want to be like Kanye once sang in "Dark Fantasy"...and my chick in that new phoebe philo...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Diet Coked

Fueled by any cafe that offered free wifi in Paris, I developed an addiction to a diet bubbly drink I had sworn off years ago, le Coca Cola Light. There is something chic about the way they serve an eight euro soda in a glass bottle, tall skinny glass filled with giant ice cubes all topped with a sweet lemon wedge. It's sad that I'm so easily lured, but europeans just make everything so chic. Which is why I'm embarrassed to say that my addiction may continue seeing as word on da street (and by street I mean Huffington Post) is Jean Paul Gaultier has been named new creative director of Diet Coke. How hilarious slash fabulous slash slightly creepy are these episodes? Although masked as nightmares, playing a subject in one of these episodes would be my top dream come true...I just hate it when someone puts bubbles in my green tea...

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Hollywood Brow

Just as I hopped to Paris to seek guidance in gathering a wardrobe for the autumn and winter of twenty twelve, when it comes to beauty questions, I look to the west coast where brow shaper to the stars  Anastasia Beverly Hills offers all essentials for the perfect brow. Start by picking the hollywood bombshell look you'd like to go for, and reference for all the tools bellow!

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Sunday, March 11, 2012

PFW: Letter to the pumps I fell in love with outside of Valentino...

Dear Pedal Pusher,

I'd like to know your seat assignment at Valentino AW 2012 RTW because it must have been extremely harsh on the shoes being presented if you were front row. Your attendance overall was inconsiderate, really. Poor mary janes in the new collection. They have to live with the fact that they will never top does one ever top the assembling of python, patent, and a stemmed rose all in one shoe? If I were any other shoe, I would commit shoe-icide.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blogger Crush

Just as my adolescence consisted of boy crushes (at the time I defined crushes as collecting life size posters if they were famous or calling their parents house and hanging up if they were acquaintances), now a days I shift subjects to my passion...le fashion. Often I fall in love with at least one pump, boot, and handbag per season, sometimes an entire collection (achem, Isabel Marant FW 2012) but it's every now and then I develop fashion blogger crushes.
Madness poured out of Balmain day 3 of PFW and whilst everyone was snapping pics outside of whatever hotel that was, I snapped pics of the cutest doll (and her cleverly assembled ensemble) photographing the post show crowd. First I crushed on her bag, then her sweater, then her skirt, white belted cinched waist, and then I recognized that she was Hedvig Opshaug of  the-Northern Light, a.k.a the fashion editor that is making me want to rock baseball caps

Friday, March 9, 2012

PFW: Winter Macaroons - Chloe

Just as a Brit is assigned to creatively direct a french label, Chloe AW 2012 is defined. British edge and practicality described through the color palette of all my favorite french macaroon flavors.
And so with quilted jackets, sturdy mary janes, and blood red pieces immersed within, Chloe's Clare Waight Keller taunts us all to take a bite this winter...
images per

Oversized outerwear charmed in soft parisian hues paired with a feminine touch of a chic blood red...yep the formula for this collection is brit + french = Chloe AT 2012

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Do I look ridiculous? Don't answer that

"What are you wearing today?" was the interrogative alarm clock waking me up the past week. The question was coming from my Paris fashion week partner in crime, LA of the flip side blog. Spread throughout our seven Parisian evenings LA and Cinched managed to attend thirteen shows decked in heavens knows what. Whatever the ensembles were, I can guarantee they were sourced via the marriage of our luggage. It all happened so fast I'm glad these images were captured as a tease of what I wore to Paris fashion week... From the left: Inspired by a breathtaking lobby at le George V (that's parisian for Four Seasons Hotel), I opted to splatter florals all over myself and cinched the thunder thighs in Citizen of Humanity Mandy's, topped with an old CH navy blazy overflowing with teal organic silk from Lucie CrOp top. On we go to the fabulousness in white that cinched me warm throughout my stay, the blanche coat, a perfect conclusion to any ensemble. Accessories can speak for themselves.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

PFW: Isabel Marant, Texas in Paris

Johnny Cash, western snap blouses, leather, suede, and all things rodeo. Was it not suiting that Isabel Marant debut her FW 2012 collection on Texas Independence day? I felt a little at home yesterday when Johnny Cash  'Ring of Fire started blasting and pencil heeled western booties strutted Marant's cowgirl pieces. Take a taste of the collection via video + my spectator images (cause I'm keepin it real). 

(not to worry, a full review and high rez for cereal images coming soon)