Saturday, March 10, 2012

Blogger Crush

Just as my adolescence consisted of boy crushes (at the time I defined crushes as collecting life size posters if they were famous or calling their parents house and hanging up if they were acquaintances), now a days I shift subjects to my passion...le fashion. Often I fall in love with at least one pump, boot, and handbag per season, sometimes an entire collection (achem, Isabel Marant FW 2012) but it's every now and then I develop fashion blogger crushes.
Madness poured out of Balmain day 3 of PFW and whilst everyone was snapping pics outside of whatever hotel that was, I snapped pics of the cutest doll (and her cleverly assembled ensemble) photographing the post show crowd. First I crushed on her bag, then her sweater, then her skirt, white belted cinched waist, and then I recognized that she was Hedvig Opshaug of  the-Northern Light, a.k.a the fashion editor that is making me want to rock baseball caps

What better source than the Hedvig's brainchild for the detailed scoop on her ensemble:

"A Challenge"