Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Diet Coked

Fueled by any cafe that offered free wifi in Paris, I developed an addiction to a diet bubbly drink I had sworn off years ago, le Coca Cola Light. There is something chic about the way they serve an eight euro soda in a glass bottle, tall skinny glass filled with giant ice cubes all topped with a sweet lemon wedge. It's sad that I'm so easily lured, but europeans just make everything so chic. Which is why I'm embarrassed to say that my addiction may continue seeing as word on da street (and by street I mean Huffington Post) is Jean Paul Gaultier has been named new creative director of Diet Coke. How hilarious slash fabulous slash slightly creepy are these episodes? Although masked as nightmares, playing a subject in one of these episodes would be my top dream come true...I just hate it when someone puts bubbles in my green tea...

LA and CinchedWaist sippin Coca Cola Lights at Westin Paris Vendome, Francois Felix