Thursday, March 29, 2012

Letter to my ex-girlfriends

Dear Suedes,

I'm sorry you're still bitter about our break up. I know the last day we shared together was a bit harsh for you (having to trot in a frappuccino slush all day), but it's not my fault that Paris in the rain is so chic to walk in. The truth is, we only dated for three weeks, and it takes exactly half the time you dated to get over your ex. So come on girls, get over it. I must move on to sluttier and heat accommodating girls (dare I say it) SANDALS. Don't go all emo and consider me somebody that you used to know, this is a temp break. I'll be checking you into rehab and you'll look good as new come September. Until then girls,

I leave you with images LA snapped of you at your prime in Paris.