Friday, March 23, 2012

MIA for Spring Break, and a Label Crush

When did Spring break get taken away? I swear the older I get the less I'm allowed to do. Soooo not fair. And to those of you who argue I was just in Paris, um hello that was for bidness; the bidness of updating you live action from the cat walk via social medias. Have you checked the Cinched tube? It's totes legit, filled with a few spectator views of Paris fashion week. I do wish I could be heading on a springy so I could upload vidis of my toes in warm sand and salt water...imagine what I would wear if  
 I could be bitchy somewhere beachy...

Theodora & Callum

"Can you please stop driving a like maniac while you text?" - is a direct quote from every manfriend that risks their lives riding with or near Cinched on the road. Talk to the hand, I mean phone because I'm addicted to multi tasking. Which is why I've grown quite fond of the multitasking scarves of Theodora & Callum.

Shop the Resort line for the Spring and Summer Season's latest fashions at Theodora & Callum

If I wasn't missing in action for Spring break, and was traveling somewhere beachy and amazeballs, these babies make the perfect traveling pals. For one, the perfect topping to any comfy ensemble, achem starters on the plane I'd wrap around my nose and shoulders for warmth slash recycled air intake. Once landed in paradise, the options to putting this travel buddy to use are and learn:

Wear 'em six ways...

Ready to be beachy...