Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Miami in Shoes

For the privacy of dear subjects, images of a brief Miami journey need'nt be shared. However, being the sneaker (pun intended) photog that I am, "Cinched goes MIA" will be shared via tales of shoes...start from the top and continue clockwise please...try not to take these tales for cereal...they are half fiction...
 - The only place I didn't sin was at The Webster, and boy was that dumb. I should have resisted all temptation miami had to offer, yet I resisted sinning with PH canvas wedgies. It's been three days since I stepped out the Webster empty handed. I know because I've  had exactly two terrible nights of sleep. Good thing my friends in the UK (net-a-porter) offer redemption by just a clicky. For all the other sin I didn't resist, evidence lies in bagged under eyes and sore throat.

 - Tale of getting into hotel pool parties: Being the dumb betches that me and my besties are, we stayed at the coolest slash dorkiest hotel evs. Coolest because there were no idiot kids puking and dancing to bad house music pool side, and dorkiest because it's the type of joint my mom would stay so we had to every now and then sneak into our rowdy friends' hotel pools to party. Anyways, pool bouncers are like weird. They asked me why my pool cover up slash cocktail dress had large buttons and made me kind of wait to get in. After waiting a hot second, I walk in to notice that bums (by bum I mean friend) are allowed in just because they are wearing italian suede booties. Seriously? When is it cool to protect your feet from getting sunburned?  #ugh #shoreclub

- It's okay to dance on your food at brunch.

- Always have an extra pair of flats in your bag slash always have a friend with an extra pair of sandals in her bag in case you forget to tie your laces and someone steps on the Hola Chica's you've been wearing since last year. Lesson learned: don't wear last year's shoe, always tie your shoes.

- There is a reason geishas train to walk in their shoes since they are little babies. Flatforms are totes not easy. So I blame Isabel Marant for creating these amazeballs cork and suede wedgies that had my pal trippin pool side.