Friday, March 16, 2012

Orange You Glad it's Friday?

Orange you glad college football slash basketball is over so strangers will stop asking if  the rust rag&bone's are available for purchase at the University of Texas co-op? I found it a relief to slip these babies on in Paris because no one gave me a hook 'em horns index and pinkie hand gesture. 

Before Peachoo Krejberg fall 2012 RTW show, Paris Fashion Week

CrOp Trin blouse, Rag&Bone skinnies in rust

*Side note: okay for cereal, is one of my eyes > than the other?

On with last wednesday night: LA and I found ourselves at a Mugler after party, where the rust skinnies kind of blended in with the orange tinted venue...

oh yeah, we made an odd friend with a Cartier storybook...