Thursday, March 15, 2012

PFW: Celine on Me

Pshh totes not cool enough to have gotten the exclusive presentation of Celine FW 2012/2013 ready to wear last week in Paris, but boy was it amazeballs via I mean, I heard Phoebe Philo's water broke for the finale...just kidding. That was quite disrespectful slash inappropriate joke I immediately take back. What I don't take back is how badly I might have sinned at the temp boutique on Ave Montaigne after lunch at L'Avenue. It involved a mini luggage tote for a friend, a cross body trio for my mum, and some spectacles for yours truly (images after the jump). But for cereal, back to what's important, with important meaning new:

images per

Pardon the tone in this post, but I intend zero negativity. I am a die hard fan of Philo for she has influenced my handbag collection since college (achem: Chloe Paddington and Silverado, Celine phantom and mini lugg totes), but this is my honest reaction to Philo's latest contribution to Celine: Hobo all the way. The massive over sized coats and folded up leather pouches carried like an old grocery sack gave the overall impression that she was influenced by homeless attire. Man, I really can't wait to look like a homeless person come winter and fall. What I don't understand but really sort of love are the zipper accents. Bold zippers cinch wide legged ankle trousers, square toed boots, and arch lined jackets...hilarious juxtaposition...zippers don't cinch at all because they are loose fitting pieces. Not flattering, but somehow I'm intrigued...and more so by the leather goodies. Like I said, totes a die hard fan...and if Phoebe says: hey take this fine ass piece of leather sack throw your lip glossies, sunnies and the rest of you s**t,  roll it up and pinch the bag under my farm (fat + arm = farm) pit...then I will do it. Mostly because she has a clever way of crafting "it bags" and by it bags I mean bags that just tickle my fancy.
But really really...don't we all want to be like Kanye once sang in "Dark Fantasy"...and my chick in that new phoebe philo...

...peek of how LA and I sinned on Ave Montaigne being fat kids and shopping:

From the top: L'Avenue, LA in some major Celine sunnies, Cinched shopping a new tri colored Mini luggage tote for a friend