Thursday, April 26, 2012


 One of my favorite stores to visit in Houston is Calypso St. Barth in Highland Village. With a marvelous array of the vacation accessories and apparel, a shopping trip feels like I'm paying a visit to my fav european beach town.  One decor line particularly adorns the store well, creating a welcoming ambiance Maison de Vacances is literally translated as "vacation mansion." This charming line of home decor released a LOVE collection composed of pillows, travel accessories, and decor that makes any home a charming jet set bungalow. Cinched at the Waist was honored to host a discount soiree this Spring. Thanks Calypso because (in words of the great Whitney single) your LOVE is my LOVE and my LOVE is your LOVE.

 CrOp Jessie top  -  Citizens floral jeans  - LOVE pillow

Outfit explained: along w mah in-explicably long hair for the evening, mah CrOp top grew a mullet, so I topped it in sparkly Chan Luu contraption. Because I didn't think that was a busy enough part of the ensemble, i cinched the thunder thighs in a floral splatter. boom. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hourglass and Coke Bottles

A ridiculously sweet friend once told me I reminded them of "that actress in Clash of the Titans," over a wine fueled dinner. "Omg, you have like the same skin color," she went on. So I ran home after dinner to google and itunes- rent Clash of the Titans, Tamara Drewe, and The Disappearance of Alice Creed. It was that evening I began my crush on Gemma Arterton.
 About two weeks ago, my actress crush and designer crush were playing together celebrating a new launch. Gemma got all dolled up and showed off her hourglass figure cinched in a Jean Paul Gaultier's iconic corset to celebrate the designer's launch of  his newly designed Day and Night Diet Coke bottles. I'm not sure who I have a bigger crush on, Gemma or Jean Paul Gaultier? 

Jean Paul Gaultier and Gemma Arterton
Now where in the US can we buy these pop soda bottles?! If you know, please comment.

(images per: 1, 2)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Electric Feel

An electrical sunday funday began when the lovely and tremendously talented Sarah Aghili came to play and spoil me with what she refers to as "Sag Swag," a.k.a new must haves at Sarah Aghili. Always splashed in an array of accessories, the jewelry designer's electrical energy can liven up any ensemble, not only with her dynamic personality, but with the socket bracelet and ring she shocked me with. 

Over bracelets, rings, and a Fanta or two, Sarah shared she'd be jetting to Mexico with Kalon McMahon (rumored bachelorette contestant). I wonder which of the duo will come back the bronzest?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hang in There

It's a little hard to pick a wedgie for the summer slash spring. First of all, you want to make sure no one is looking, because there isn't a worst feeling than walking into some betch wearing the same shoes as you. All of your credibility slash originality goes down the drain, do yourself a favor and when choosing who you will date for the summer, please be picky. Don't be easy and let your footsies fall for the first pair of espadrilles someone pinned about last week (because espadrilles are for sand slash poolside only). But that's beside the point, the point being how I myself fell for the first pair of wedgies that made a move on me, and I'm really glad I did. When I placed an order for criss cross toe leather wedge in caffe latte brown hue and received a package with their black ankle cinching cousins, I rolled my eyes decided to play it cool. Resisting the first pair of babes sent to me. Until about two hours later when they were staring at me across the room and I had to cinch them on. Boy were they cinch-able... we've been together ever since. 

Chloe leather platform wedge

 Why am I dating a wedge all summer?
I once knew a manfriend who claimed that "wedges make girls look like clowns, I prefer a classic pin heeled stiletto."  A foolish remark coming from a fool that read it was cool to buy CL's for girls so he pretended to know what he was talking about. "They just do nothing for the body the way a classic heel does," he went on repeating quotes from a Louboutin interview. Although I hold high respect for a killer pair of classic CL's, I just don't want to date a pencil heel all summer.
 I highly disagree with the man-friend.  Wedges do EVERYTHING for the body. It's pretty much a miracle shoe when the heat pours down swelling the hell out of our footsies. The last thing we want is to squeeze into a pin heeled sandal. With a wedge, you can clown around town in little to no discomfort. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Landscape Print

 Debating how to celebrate mother earth day this weekend I thought of my own mother, and the denim hunt she's conquered. I really hope you don't assume she would actually wear one of those apple  shaping jeans that denote a child bearing pooch in the front...I mean come on, the woman may be mid fifties but please, she showed me what type of boys really matter. With exact focus on avoiding the so called "mom jeans" she's veered me to Mother Denim.  Mama Cinched swears by them because "they no too low and no too high" (that means they flatter the waist line for all ages and body types).  One particularly amazing trait is that they are wee bit thicker, so my giant fear of wearing white jeans has been answered...meaning the dimply what nots on the backs of my thunder t's are a no- show!
Aside the classic denim washes, these denim geniuses have surpassed the popular floral print styles offered by their peers and approached the printed trend at another level: the landscape jeans. If you could print your favorite panoramic image on your pants for a traveling pants party, then what would it be?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bridal Bliss Miss

Soooo I just had an amazingly amazing time at the most darling wedding evs. I highly regret not documenting most of it. Brief recap: a paradise of flowers from floor to ceiling, a gorgeously adorned bride surprisingly gifted a diamond necklace mid dance, and what I assumed was an assortment of the couple's luggage before they jet off honey trippin, but was really a grooms cake. The happy lovebirds took off and left us guests with fond memories and a killer hangover.

Mid week and all I finally woke up and can get real on the blog guys. Sorry I've been a prude slipping a mere couple of posts a week. Updating just enough to keep you as loyal readers, but if this continues a bit longer I'm afraid I might lose you for good. My blogging updates sort of remind me of the popular feeding tube diet some crazies have been resorting to before their nuptials.  But for reals, a feeding tube? Jesus. No one wants to see a bride they don't recognize. "The diet trend employs the same kind of feeding tube that doctors use in the hospital to nourish psychiatric patients who refuse to eat or those with physical conditions that prevent them from eating normally; coma and stroke patients depend on feeding tubes to survive, for instance" (Time). Can someone please tell these psychos (I mean brides) that this is not okay, leave it to models to look that small and order a dress in your own some of these babies...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Guest Editor: Eva Harvard

With neons, corals, and pastels all over spring wardrobe it's hard to choose a good palette to stick to...thank heavens for a little advice from a friend, Stylist Eva Harvard! There is nothing we love more than guest editors. Anytime a friend or colleague wants to share their talent, I'm thrilled with joy! Local image consultant and stylist  Eva Harvard shares 5 essentials for Spring...

5 things every girl needs for spring:
1. Long sheer top to layer with and throw on over skirt or shorts
5. Great pair of pumps in a FUN color or with edgy details

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pool Sides

 If I had to pick one single accessory for summer, I'd make it a pool. All we need to survive this heat is a weekly visit to splish splash in a body of water, the rest are just sides...
POOL SIDES all of which are perfectly provided by Elaine Turner.
Hat?  Sandals?  Bag? Check, check, check!

Essential pool - sides:
 Candice Tote   Savannah Thong Jelly   
Hats by Onigo    Ikat pouch

Dirty Laundry, Clean Bags

on the subject of bags...
Petite and delicate ones are for the special occasions. Large leather ones are for carrying all. Medium ones are casual and slushy, but none of these should really ever hold my dirties. Last week my chap stick went flying across the room at the dry cleaners whilest I was digging out my dirties to be dropped off. That's right, I've been shoving my dirty dry cleaning clothes in my purse and finally it has dawned on me...i need me a laundry bag and Izola has come to my rescue...

Practice Conservation Laundry Bag  - Soiled Garments Laundry Bag -
 Anatomy of a Shirt Laundry bag

"It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and we know what it’s like to get your elbows dirty.  That’s why we created a laundry bag.  Now you can at least contain the mess in your closet, keeping all those unmentionables out of sight and out of mind."

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shorts With a Story

With tennis pros invading the city to show off limbs I thought were anatomically impossible,  I've been wishing to shape my thunder thighs into bulging quadriceps. But lacking the discipline of an athlete, I'm thinking adorning my untoned limbs in lively printed shorts will do. With garden, floral, and food inspired prints dominating spring collections, there are endless options to choose from. Printed jeans, shorts, playsuits, etc.  How ever to choose?  For me there is far more than the colors and shapes that make up and print, I love to approach printed pieces the way I would a painting. For example, a waist cinching little printed dress Santa Claus brought me christmas of 2006. This printed dress spoke to me because it blended youth and charm to the Emilio Pucci label. It was part of Matthew Williamson's debut in joining the historic Italian brand. I wore the mini endlessly until 2010, and every now and then I take him out for a spin. As for a printed pair of shorts to trot my summer in, I bonded with CrOp's Sidonie, because the inspiration of their prints charms with culture of a southern city I've always wanted to visit, New Orleans:  CrOp's Shorts Stories

Boys Take Care

It seemed a bit odd that Drake and Rihanna JUST now released a musical video to their single "Take Care." Wasn't the single released ages ago? I mean, I was so into so long ago that I had forgotten about it and now I like the song again. There isn't much to the video, it's visually basic, which brings me to the subject of basics and essentials. Have you ever noticed that boys tees just seem to be extremely lush and soft? I mean, why do you think our girl Ri Ri is totes snuggling up on Drake in this? 

I have a theory that certain knitwear labels purposely make their menswear tees totes softer because boys seem to buy more of them. Girls have to get our fancy on with blouses, crop tops, blazies, and so on. Boys on the other hand, boys got the goods...If there is anything I like to steal from boys, it's JP knits.

The comfy couple...

1. Chaos Topshop sweater  2. Nudie Jeans tee  3. Maison Kitsune jeans
4. James Perse   5. A.P.C. tee
6. Miu Miu sweater

Thursday, April 12, 2012


A lovely fashion show at the ROCC pool made me realize what time of year it is. And so I put down the butter knife and skipped finishing my roll when I was reminded that the time has come to strap on a pair of swimmers and enjoy the skin blistering rays. Call me a child because I'm still referring to them as swimmers, or brand me a grandma because I'm really into onesies, but I've developed some huge crushes on some patterned onesies that would go great in my favorite floating pool on lago di Como.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Lashing Out

A fascinating lash product arrived at Cinched headquarters from the west coast, resolving all the issues my relationships with mascara have brought upon my reputation at the movies, pool parties, and the ocassional wedding. Moisture (as in tears or water) plus any great old mascara just don't blend well, and let's be honest here, waterproof mascara just stings like a mother drying out every bits of the windows of your soul. I'm quite thankful for the eyebrow and lash gods over in Beverly Hills for the LASH GENIUS. A marvelous wand that instantly makes your favorite mascara into waterproof, without the icky results.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Feeling Oreo -ish

Feeling quite oreo-ish because an appetite for everything has food on the cinched brain for the week, and my color combo is quite bipolar in tone. Literally, it's going to be black and it's going to be white. So I've turned to my favorite of all darling brunettes: Rachel Bilson and her ensemble to a Chanel Pre Oscar din din for color combo inspiration. I trust Rachel because we both went through our awkward phase together circa 2001, when we thought it was okay to wear playsuits made of terry cloth, even when not pool side (achem, The OC). But enough about bad memory lane and more about feeling the Oreo color palette...

and nothing like a great B Atwood pump to jazz up an ensemble (images per).

1. Loeffler Randal Chloe platform  2. Oplympia Le-Tan clutch   3. Topshop white dress 
4. Topshop quilted motor jacket  5. Charlotte Olympia pumps

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Playing a hunger game

Again with the hunger games, I succeeded in a juice cleanse yesterday. It really wasn't that bad, some refreshing ice cold juicies, oh who am I kidding, it sucked. All I can think about was the delightful evening I spent saturday night cooking me up a pasta storm. I have zero clue what the portions were but i know it's what fits in my fat fingers. Before I reveal and gift you a very own cinched recipe, check out these new kitchen toys i want to play with...

1. Kitchen Magin Whisk  2. balloon cutting board  3. chalkboard spice jar

Three is all you need: whole wheat pasta, olive oil, and baby spinach...the rest you see are just accessories. Take a bite:

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Prints, Take a Bite...

On the subject of the movie I have no one to see with because no one has time for movies anymore, I just can't help but notice that spring prints are striking hunger games. Before you multi-print layer your next ensemble, take a closer look at what the stamped pieces are composed of. Labels like Dolce & Gabbana, CrOp by David Peck, Easton Pearson, and Mother Jeans are playing the hunger games by stamping hot shorts, silks, and even denim in fruits and veggies.

1. CrOp chips papillon print dress   2. Dolce&Gabbana pepper print bustier
3. Dolce & Gabbana eggplant skirt  4. Mother cherry print jeans
 5. Easton Pearson lemon print top
6. Dolce&Gabbana zucchini dress  7. Dolce& Gabbana tomato print shorts

What piece are you HUNGRY for?