Saturday, April 14, 2012

Boys Take Care

It seemed a bit odd that Drake and Rihanna JUST now released a musical video to their single "Take Care." Wasn't the single released ages ago? I mean, I was so into so long ago that I had forgotten about it and now I like the song again. There isn't much to the video, it's visually basic, which brings me to the subject of basics and essentials. Have you ever noticed that boys tees just seem to be extremely lush and soft? I mean, why do you think our girl Ri Ri is totes snuggling up on Drake in this? 

I have a theory that certain knitwear labels purposely make their menswear tees totes softer because boys seem to buy more of them. Girls have to get our fancy on with blouses, crop tops, blazies, and so on. Boys on the other hand, boys got the goods...If there is anything I like to steal from boys, it's JP knits.

The comfy couple...

1. Chaos Topshop sweater  2. Nudie Jeans tee  3. Maison Kitsune jeans
4. James Perse   5. A.P.C. tee
6. Miu Miu sweater