Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bridal Bliss Miss

Soooo I just had an amazingly amazing time at the most darling wedding evs. I highly regret not documenting most of it. Brief recap: a paradise of flowers from floor to ceiling, a gorgeously adorned bride surprisingly gifted a diamond necklace mid dance, and what I assumed was an assortment of the couple's luggage before they jet off honey trippin, but was really a grooms cake. The happy lovebirds took off and left us guests with fond memories and a killer hangover.

Mid week and all I finally woke up and can get real on the blog guys. Sorry I've been a prude slipping a mere couple of posts a week. Updating just enough to keep you as loyal readers, but if this continues a bit longer I'm afraid I might lose you for good. My blogging updates sort of remind me of the popular feeding tube diet some crazies have been resorting to before their nuptials.  But for reals, a feeding tube? Jesus. No one wants to see a bride they don't recognize. "The diet trend employs the same kind of feeding tube that doctors use in the hospital to nourish psychiatric patients who refuse to eat or those with physical conditions that prevent them from eating normally; coma and stroke patients depend on feeding tubes to survive, for instance" (Time). Can someone please tell these psychos (I mean brides) that this is not okay, leave it to models to look that small and order a dress in your own some of these babies...