Friday, April 6, 2012

Feeling Oreo -ish

Feeling quite oreo-ish because an appetite for everything has food on the cinched brain for the week, and my color combo is quite bipolar in tone. Literally, it's going to be black and it's going to be white. So I've turned to my favorite of all darling brunettes: Rachel Bilson and her ensemble to a Chanel Pre Oscar din din for color combo inspiration. I trust Rachel because we both went through our awkward phase together circa 2001, when we thought it was okay to wear playsuits made of terry cloth, even when not pool side (achem, The OC). But enough about bad memory lane and more about feeling the Oreo color palette...

and nothing like a great B Atwood pump to jazz up an ensemble (images per).

1. Loeffler Randal Chloe platform  2. Oplympia Le-Tan clutch   3. Topshop white dress 
4. Topshop quilted motor jacket  5. Charlotte Olympia pumps