Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hang in There

It's a little hard to pick a wedgie for the summer slash spring. First of all, you want to make sure no one is looking, because there isn't a worst feeling than walking into some betch wearing the same shoes as you. All of your credibility slash originality goes down the drain, do yourself a favor and when choosing who you will date for the summer, please be picky. Don't be easy and let your footsies fall for the first pair of espadrilles someone pinned about last week (because espadrilles are for sand slash poolside only). But that's beside the point, the point being how I myself fell for the first pair of wedgies that made a move on me, and I'm really glad I did. When I placed an order for criss cross toe leather wedge in caffe latte brown hue and received a package with their black ankle cinching cousins, I rolled my eyes decided to play it cool. Resisting the first pair of babes sent to me. Until about two hours later when they were staring at me across the room and I had to cinch them on. Boy were they cinch-able... we've been together ever since. 

Chloe leather platform wedge

 Why am I dating a wedge all summer?
I once knew a manfriend who claimed that "wedges make girls look like clowns, I prefer a classic pin heeled stiletto."  A foolish remark coming from a fool that read it was cool to buy CL's for girls so he pretended to know what he was talking about. "They just do nothing for the body the way a classic heel does," he went on repeating quotes from a Louboutin interview. Although I hold high respect for a killer pair of classic CL's, I just don't want to date a pencil heel all summer.
 I highly disagree with the man-friend.  Wedges do EVERYTHING for the body. It's pretty much a miracle shoe when the heat pours down swelling the hell out of our footsies. The last thing we want is to squeeze into a pin heeled sandal. With a wedge, you can clown around town in little to no discomfort. 

ChloƩ leather platform wedge

happy clowning,