Friday, April 20, 2012

Landscape Print

 Debating how to celebrate mother earth day this weekend I thought of my own mother, and the denim hunt she's conquered. I really hope you don't assume she would actually wear one of those apple  shaping jeans that denote a child bearing pooch in the front...I mean come on, the woman may be mid fifties but please, she showed me what type of boys really matter. With exact focus on avoiding the so called "mom jeans" she's veered me to Mother Denim.  Mama Cinched swears by them because "they no too low and no too high" (that means they flatter the waist line for all ages and body types).  One particularly amazing trait is that they are wee bit thicker, so my giant fear of wearing white jeans has been answered...meaning the dimply what nots on the backs of my thunder t's are a no- show!
Aside the classic denim washes, these denim geniuses have surpassed the popular floral print styles offered by their peers and approached the printed trend at another level: the landscape jeans. If you could print your favorite panoramic image on your pants for a traveling pants party, then what would it be?

Mother the looker jeans in Day in Paradise

I'd wear Lago di Como south of my belt...
Castadiva Resort Blevio, Italy

Castadiva Resort Blevio, Italy