Thursday, April 26, 2012


 One of my favorite stores to visit in Houston is Calypso St. Barth in Highland Village. With a marvelous array of the vacation accessories and apparel, a shopping trip feels like I'm paying a visit to my fav european beach town.  One decor line particularly adorns the store well, creating a welcoming ambiance Maison de Vacances is literally translated as "vacation mansion." This charming line of home decor released a LOVE collection composed of pillows, travel accessories, and decor that makes any home a charming jet set bungalow. Cinched at the Waist was honored to host a discount soiree this Spring. Thanks Calypso because (in words of the great Whitney single) your LOVE is my LOVE and my LOVE is your LOVE.

 CrOp Jessie top  -  Citizens floral jeans  - LOVE pillow

Outfit explained: along w mah in-explicably long hair for the evening, mah CrOp top grew a mullet, so I topped it in sparkly Chan Luu contraption. Because I didn't think that was a busy enough part of the ensemble, i cinched the thunder thighs in a floral splatter. boom.