Monday, April 16, 2012

Pool Sides

 If I had to pick one single accessory for summer, I'd make it a pool. All we need to survive this heat is a weekly visit to splish splash in a body of water, the rest are just sides...
POOL SIDES all of which are perfectly provided by Elaine Turner.
Hat?  Sandals?  Bag? Check, check, check!

Essential pool - sides:
 Candice Tote   Savannah Thong Jelly   
Hats by Onigo    Ikat pouch

The Perfect Bag for the Beach
Fitting everything from your passport to your beach towel, Elaine Turner’s Candice totes are available in blue metallic stripe, colorful beachgrass and leopard print finish. With water resistant signature pink lining, toss in your bikini for mess-free toting. If giant glamour girl bags aren’t your style, pack light with a raspberry or turquoise accented ikat pouch. With a zipper-top closure and laminated interior, there’s no end to the number of summer ways to use it. Store makeup, sunscreen, your camera or phone in the pouch, which can double as a clutch or interior cosmetics case for your handbag.

The Savannah Thong Jelly Sandal is Elaine Turner’s fashionable answer to waterside lounging. Cushy and cute, the Savannah is made of ultra-soft jelly that conforms to your feet, and comes in five trending summer brights: aqua, kiwi, tangerine, pink and black. The jellies are topped off with a silver button boasting Elaine Turner’s signature crown logo and come in packaging novel to the brand. With an affordable loungewear price of $58, there’s even more of a reason to snag a pair before summer’s end. 

Hot Hats
Elaine Turner is renowned for her signature shoe and bag collections, however no summer look is complete without the perfect hat. This summer Elaine Turner welcomes imports from around the world to help you complete the perfect outfit. New to Elaine Turner boutiques, sun hats by Onigo are handcrafted by artisans in Madagascar and made of fine raffia. These large and colorful woven hats are sure to make you look hot while keeping cool.