Thursday, May 31, 2012


In the spirit of THROWBACK THURSDAYS, my favorite of all days to instagram, I must share news of a Throwback- Sale occurring in my favorite of American cities, NYC. Save the date and your cash because this Sunday, June 3rd from 11am to 7pm  Jean- Michel Cazabat  is hosting a Vintage Sample Sale! Oh how I wish to posses geanie powers to instantly change geographical locations (achem, NYC) in the blink of an eye in case of emergencies (achem, a sample sale).

For those of us who aren't lucky enough to live as slaves to a place that doesn't want us, as Lena Dunham's Girls character would put it, are some Jean-Michel Cazabat hotties available just a click away:

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mem Day Memories

jean paul gaultier onesie swimmer, french connection shorts, celine sunnies, and phone protector
Vitamin C and D were well absorbed this weekend, pool side and a paper side. I'm referring to the rays that graced my skin, and the Paper Source paper straws that helped us stay hydrated with vitamin c this weekend. In between laying out and sipping C and 'secco, we took a lot of phone calls and pictures, achem skip down to image numero dos and check out top right dapper neighbor perfectly poised for a portrait.
Sunday sure took a fun-day turn because as a murse wearing fella kept saying, "today is like a Saturday everyone," while  jamming his best tunes off fanny-pack speakers preparing us for next weekend's Freepress Summerfest. So I said, hey mister dj put my Cinched bag on I wanna dance with my hands free. Surprisingly, actually not at all, it perfectly flattered his trunks. 

Enough about activities, let's talk about gadgets and how to snag our memorial day style. From the top: Gold Timex, Gold pop phone hand set, Sachin+Babi leather cuff,  FEED 10 custom bag, Squid finger puppet, & Paper Straws

Photo Props Kit  -  Barron's E-Z French 

And so we concluded our weekend soaking like dead fish, playing a little arts & crafts, Frenching poolside, and discovering that Carina (Saint Bernard bottom right) may be plumping a bigger booty than myself. 

Omg, Sale

Get your sale on you little shopaholics because it's that time of year at Nordstrom!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Bunch to Brunch

Tis hump day so I'm going to spoil you with my weekend treat. What a Haven-ly brunch I enjoyed this Sunday with a lovely bunch of bloggers: Map your Style, ClassnFab,  Veronika's Blushing, the HSS Feed, Houstonista, and Live Life in Style made wonderful company! It was bloggers here and bloggers there stretched across a long table in the Haven dining room chatting nothing but fashion, beauty, and home decor...along with lots of husband and being married chatter...yawn chatter hahaha jking. I did engage in some baby chatter, we all know I secretly want one, especially if they behave like Magen's twins, see the future Kate Moss minis bellow? Total dolls. Can't wait till our June brunch girls!! XOXO
With the heat ever so gracefully creeping sweats on Houston, I think the breezy Pleated subject bellow will be my best friend for the summer.

Year Round Booty Lift

Every now and then a small bite of dark chocolate will do the trick, but it's  year round that you really need a bootie to lift your spirits. A bootie lift cures the downs and blues by trotting you through any occasion. I'm not referring to the Brazilian butt lift, this is a different bootie lift. It's a shoe bootie with a perfect heel lift, right amount of edge to stay current, yet classic structure to carry year round...tis a well done job by Rag&Bone, meet the Newbury Classic Bootie:

Rag & Bone
classic newbury in chili  -  grey -  canvas black

Friday, May 18, 2012

What's Hot

Thank the heavens it's Friday! Let's toast to the weekend with some readers favorites, including an LWD a summer must, printed denim on another level, and who can resist a jelly shoe? Every girl needs a jelly!

Genius in Bottle

You've read me mention it several times. There is a magical wand out there that so cleverly turns my favorite mascara into a waterproof eyelash's called the LASH GENIUS, brought to us by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Want to know if it really works? Watch your way to waterproof lashes...

Anastasia Beverly Hills, Lash Genius

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Prints are Prints, so they stay

I found a new place here. I'm coming down fast. I found a new place here. I'm coming down fast. It would appear that Ms. Palmer's vocals in "No Beef," are playing on repeat in my office today. Quite suiting because I have a throbbing headache from a failing attempt to sleep last night. Hours before I enjoyed myself in a room full of estrogen at one of the endless wedding showers I'll be attending this year. This one was a specific one...a table top shower. Quite cute, actually. Mid glass of bubbles and smoked salmon bite in, one of my blonde besties felt it appropriate to timeline the rest of us who are not yet sporting a clear rock on our lefties. According to my friend, whom is apparently now a fortune teller, I will be the last, if at all to jump on the diamond ring trend they have all got down...jaja thanks Jess. She kind of did make a good point though because I'm quite far from cinching my fat finger...

...we broke up over instagram. I hope he knows I was for cereal because prints are not a joke and neither are comments on my wardrobe. It all began one evening as I habitually brought my laptop into bed and was scrolling through wardrobe options when his non invited opinion interrupted, "um your wardrobe's gotten really wild over the past year, I just just prefer solids," he says. Um excuse me what? I sure hope you're talking about food because I hope you prefer solids also. As for mah clothes, how dare you? I refuse to take advice from a burnt orange shirted male. Prints are staying, not sure if you are.

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Rock n Rollin Cruise Collection, Chanel Resort 2013

Totally wish LA and I could have been in France for "American Girls in" Versailles, because boy did Karl put on a show today. A golden collection carried by pastel mained dolls on flat-forms stormed The Palace of Versailles on Monday, debuting Chanel Cruise 2013.  The collection describes a perfect blend of a modern Marie Antoinette that jams to rock n roll. Among the gold encrusted collection, my favorite pieces were the reinvented Boy bags, voluminous shorts, and flower adorned LWD's (little white dresses) in a breath taking fountain sprinkling backdrop.  Take a tease of the cinched waist's among Karl's rock n roll'ed resort collection...

chanel 2013

"It’s Coco rock, not rococo,” Lagerfeld declared during a preview at Chanel’s Rue Cambon studios on Sunday, WWD.

Vamos a la Playa: Kalon McMahon's Beach Style

After stumbling into Kalon McMahon at a couple of pool side soiree's, I couldn't help but develop a sartorial crush on his pool side ensembles. Having just returned from Cabo with a glowing bronze, I've interrogated our favorite Style File on beach bum style tips. Kalon McMahon shares his hunt for the perfect T-shirt, favorite swim trunks, and exercising his right to bare arms with a beach bod workout. 

Kalon McMahon on beach style
Oakley Frogskins  -  On the Byas tank  - 
Sarah Aghili bracelet  -  Vilebrequin swim shorts  -  
TRX trainer  -  Vilebrequin beach towel & bag  -  Tom's perforated canvas shoes

Kalon on his pool/beach side essentials...
Sunnies: This summer I have strayed from my classic wayfarer's and have been sporting Oakley's throwback Frogskins. They come in a bunch of crazy colors so you can rock them with anything.

The Perfect T: Summer is so unbearably hot, especially in Htown, so I am always on the hunt for the perfect T and I think I've finally found it. BDG makes the best fitting, softest, cheapest, Triblend V necks and regular fit T's. I literally bought like 3 of every color bc they are still not impervious to shrinkage (unlike me when getting out of the ocean).

 Tanks: I have grown fond of tank's this summer (not to be confused with wife beaters) thanks for noticing. The beauty of getting in shape is that not only do you feel great, but you can pretty much wear whatever you want as Ryan G so graciously taught me. Perfect for the beach, just be careful not to get a "tank tan" as that CAN be confused with the wife beater tan. Another random find, but On The Byas makes the best tanks in my opinion. Again, buy in bulk! They are super cheap and you can't have too many colors or styles. 

The Workout:  Beach Workout = 1 hr/ 4days a week. 10 min on treadmill or jump rope. I do a lot of circuit training so that my heart rate is always high. It's not about heavy weights! I do a lot of stuff just using my own body weight using a TRX. Core is obviously priority. I'm not looking for that jersey shore meathead look. Shoulders and back are key, but too often neglected by most guys in the gym. I avoid carbs when I can (kind of impossible in cabo). I also stopped drinking sodas which I think really helps. Little stuff like putting a chin up bar in my bathroom and doing 10 every time I walk through the door keeps you body conscious. Then obviously do 20 push ups right before you hit the beach haha.

Friday, May 11, 2012


 I love to hear back from you dear readers, it's always a great feeling to know you're out there, which is why I've decided to post weekly summaries of your most popular requests...So what's hot with you right now? Here are the fashionable goodies Cinched Readers are Crushing on this week...

Tibi pleated silk chiffon  -  Spiked pumps  -  marc jacobs claude  -

Gucci Asymetric dress  -  floral wayfarers 

remember to send requests or favorites to !

Rumor Has It

Attention Houston Galleria Shoppers (achem, Mom)...the rumors are true, HENRI BENDEL is coming to town! Prepare to get your handbags and accessories fix because the chic Manhattan shopping destination is opening mid- June in Galleria II, second level near Apple. 

Can't wait till June!

TGIF blk n white, so Call me

"Omg wait, like...Why don't we design a handbag with an ipod dock and concealed speakers?" - in my early twenties over a vodka 'n soda or two, my friend and I thought we were going to bank it having invented a stereo handbag. Until our dreams were crushed when we walked across the bar and a woman was sporting a hideous lunchbox material bag shaped into speakers. Damn it. Someone had beat us to it, and the result was not so pretty. Why can't clothes and technology serve as one? Well, it just so happens that while in NYC this winter my inner Notorious BIG purchased a gold chained tweedy jacket to perfectly match my chromed out head set. Thank God it's Friday and I'm over dressed for work today, because this pop phone could have easily clashed with any other ensemble.

CALL ME...I'll answer with a Pop Phone

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Impossible Convos, Opens today

Although I assumed I would be in New York city this weekend for the opening of the Met's Impossible Conversations, more important things like the seventeenth wedding I'm attending this year have postponed my visit of Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada chatting, arguing, and just being f***ing awesome together by sharing their different views yet similar impact in the fashion of the individual eras they lived in. This is just like that essay assignment my english teacher gave me asking me if I could invite anyone to a dinner dead or alive, who would it be? As a tease of the exhibit, check out two designers from different time periods engage in conversation over the dinner table...

<p> Please enable flash to view this media. <a href="">Download the flash player.</a></p>

Please enable flash to view this media. Download the flash player.

If you aren't as excited as I am about this exhibit, then watching Anna introduce the exhibit while telling Stephen Colbert to take a little more risk with his style, will totes board ya on a flight to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Watch now.

Dont Miss: Come Sail Away

How are you spending your Thursday evening? Throw on your stripes, anchors, or sartorial nautical gear and Sail Away with me at the Lake Plaza at Herman Park tonight at 7 p.m. for Urban Green's spring soiree,  Come Sail Away! Channel your inner sailor for music, nautical cocktails and beer, variety of food, pedal boats on McGovern Lake, and the always amazing silent auction while we raise crucial funds for the ongoing maintenance and improvements in Hermann Park. Meet us at Lake Plaza (adjacent to the Houston Zoo main entrance)!

6. Asos bracelet    7. Pierre Hardy shoes

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's What is Inside that Counts...

Feeling somewhat of an exhibitionist this morning, I decided to flash you with my insides. By insides I mean the day to day essentials that keep me fully functional and somewhat sane. From the top...
 -a big blob of calf skin holding it all together, Celine
- a trusty paper planner for when my ical acts up, moleskine
- big and pink sunnies to keep wrinkles years away, Celine
- Miel de Abejas leather pochette, holding beauty secrets and girly junk
- beauty secrets, Anastasia Beverly Hills hydrafull glosses, Lash Genius, & Guerlain terracotta bronzer

Anastasia Beverly Hills' hydrafull glosses are going to be my best friends this summer. Not only are they the perfect shades for summer lips, but they gloss a perfect shine on your lips without dehydrating like most thick glosses on the market. Hydrafull glosses in "plasctic" and "heiress" shades are part of Anastasia Beverly Hills See and Be Seen package available at Sephora this month! Along with these two limited edition glosses, See and Be Seen comes with tinted brow gel, and golden shadow palette to fulfill all summer beauty needs.

...So there you have it...all of my secrets...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Prada at 'Schiaparelli & Prada'

It's not often I spend my evenings click after click endlessly searching for red carpet arrivals, but monday evening was something quite extraordinary. Forget the Academy Awards, or any other award ceremony where actors ruin precious creations with lack of appreciation. This evening is for cereal. This is the freaking Costume Institute Gala, a change of pace and grace from the usual film industry crowd aimlessly hovering the red carpet to answer an anxious E news host, "i forgot what i be wearin." This is actually an evening worth tuning into.  So naturally, I clicked my evening away through endless designers and their dressed guests but found zero interest in any others than the dolls rocking Prada. After all, it's the Opening of the Met's Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations exhibit. A turn from last year's sole designer spotlight, this year the Met Museum paired two designers face to face: "One has long belonged to the history books and the other is still going strong, but Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada are a couple of the most fearless nonconformists the fashion world has ever celebrated, and some guests couldn't but wonder what it might have been like had they literally shared a room" ( So who were the lucky beautiful dolls that got to sneak a peek at the exhibit before us good old regular folk get to on May 10th? Here are some of my favorites...

The Prada mini, cocktail, and long frocks that made Gwenyth, Kate, Jessica, Carey, and Diane queens of the night. They crushed it.


Monday, May 7, 2012

Make Monday a FUN day with Glam Grab

Have you been looking for something to get you through a dreadful Monday? I know you're all little shopaholics like myself, so I have just the fashion fix to make monday a fun-day by  Glam Grab
Glam Grab Accessory Auctions presents an exciting, new way to shop online for designer-inspired contemporary jewelry and accessories. In step with the latest, fashion-forward trends, Glam Grab features its limited collections every Monday evening on its Facebook page where, style-conscious fans have the opportunity to bid on fixed-price treasures.  Don't miss an auction, 'Like' Glam Grab to catch previews of their accessories and to bid in Auctions held every Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. Central.

Want to win this white hot accessory for summer?

"LIKE" Glam Grab
- Write on wall you were referred by Cinched at the Waist to be entered to win

Buon Giorno Monday Morning

With a recent discovery of an espresso allergy my mornings have been quite the trip. They used to go quite swiftly: walk Carina, boil some milk, top with dos espresso shots, and BOOM... Ready to assemble an ensemble and take on the world. Unfortunately I've had to break up with my Saeco Vienna because she started making bitter slash burnt beverages. You can only imagine what kind of outfits I can actually compose lacking a caffeine buzz. I wish I could assemble something easy and lively like this chips and blazie combo: silk sunnie dress + jersey blazer + hounds tooth flats + a strap on Indiana Jones- like bag = a great productive day at the office with a couple of compliments in the elevator. 

Unfortunately I've been wearing jeans and my high school uniform oxford. I thought people would assume the EHS label on the shirt were my initials, but apparently everyone knows what Episcopal High School is and a woman in the elevator asked if my daughter attended the school. FML, I look old and tired. I almost just wore my gym clothes today, yes...I'm that sad. It's time I sunny up once more and anxiously await a new morning girlfriend: De'Longhi Gran Dama (that's fine lady in Italian). I can't wait to wake up to her every morning.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Warning: laughter, tears, and chicken skin are a few of the side effects of watching Apple's father & co (slash Coldplay) pay tribute to the great Adam Yauch of The Beastie Boys. Do you recall these days? Waking up late to school and you didn't want to go? Except I pretty much always wanted to go, because it was the place I was guranteed to see the idiots that were also late to school. The idiots that you jammed Beastie Boys with, faught for your right to party with to make memories you still laugh so hard you tinkle a little every time you recall them. The same idiots that delivered this breathtaking performance to me via SMS.  By idiots I mean my bestest of friends in the entire world, who were touched having been at this performance in person (I love you ryan and shaden). Being the weakling that I am,  tears (balling ones) slash laughter came after watching on my tiny iphone screen.

Send it to your besties, it will make their day.
I wish you all a marvelous Cinco de Mayo! 
I hope you spend as I am, soaking rays pool side and squeezing my gal pals.

Friday, May 4, 2012

TGIF: Office to Party Time

Are you wearing a cocktail dress to work today? I sure as heck am, it's freaking FRIDAY. How do you cinch yourself in a flapping chiffon number without looking like a total jackass at the office?
Consider playing a little game of hide n peek. Hide obvious cocktail characteristic like short length or tank sleeve and peek it's classic edge, such as luxe texture and elegant necklines.
Here's a start: pair flats to kitten heeled shoes and a blazer or cardi you can easily play with or rip off later when you're getting your grind slash chicken dance on the dance floor.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baby Bugs

Okay, please promise not to tell anyone because I'm really embarrassed about it but I've been bitten, quite hard indeed, by the baby bug. I mean, I noticed when I started to create a pinterest board about it. You know how everyone else keeps blogging slash pinning about wedding dresses and decor and venues and honeymoons, and boring wedding-ness...I kind of skipped that phase and am just gonna hop to the having a mini me phase. Miniature cinching skirts, tees, dresses. I blame the Lanvin boutique in Paris because when LA and I were on a stroll out of Buddha Bar we kept eyeing this darling capelette on the window display, only to realize that it wasn't just a double zero maniquin but a display of the Lanvin Children Collection. Ugh, that is where the bug bit me, and I can't help it but I keep scratching the bite. Has the baby bug bitten you yet? If it hasn't, here are some mom-spirations...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Numbers are not my thaaang, but every now and then I catch up on what's hot via WWD, and like always it's a handsome Italian, Brunello Cucinelli. Just like I am in my papa's size 56 cashmere cardigan bellow, Brunello Cucinelli shares soared upon debut, making it the hottest fashion stock (WWD). Although a little too mature in style and price point for me, I've always had a soft spot for the soft bold colored cardigans the label became famous for. Maybe some day I won't have to steal them and snag my own size...

fat guy in a little coat...wait, that's not right.

And the Bride Wore Red

Perhaps not, but she might if she pays a visit to Casa de Novia's Vera Wang Trunk Show May 10th debuting the Spring 2013 bridal collection. On the subject of LOVE, as all bridal collections should be, Vera Wang's Spring 2013 collection was seeing red, red, and wine. “Beautiful dream. The symbolism of Red. Boldly romantic, charming, protective, grand, seductive, sexy. From dahlias to scarlet, crimson and vermillion. A celebration of love.” – Vera.
Cardinal Mermaid Gown with asymmetrical crisscross tulle draped neckline and hand-rolled floral appliqué detail skirt