Saturday, May 5, 2012


Warning: laughter, tears, and chicken skin are a few of the side effects of watching Apple's father & co (slash Coldplay) pay tribute to the great Adam Yauch of The Beastie Boys. Do you recall these days? Waking up late to school and you didn't want to go? Except I pretty much always wanted to go, because it was the place I was guranteed to see the idiots that were also late to school. The idiots that you jammed Beastie Boys with, faught for your right to party with to make memories you still laugh so hard you tinkle a little every time you recall them. The same idiots that delivered this breathtaking performance to me via SMS.  By idiots I mean my bestest of friends in the entire world, who were touched having been at this performance in person (I love you ryan and shaden). Being the weakling that I am,  tears (balling ones) slash laughter came after watching on my tiny iphone screen.

Send it to your besties, it will make their day.
I wish you all a marvelous Cinco de Mayo! 
I hope you spend as I am, soaking rays pool side and squeezing my gal pals.