Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mem Day Memories

jean paul gaultier onesie swimmer, french connection shorts, celine sunnies, and phone protector
Vitamin C and D were well absorbed this weekend, pool side and a paper side. I'm referring to the rays that graced my skin, and the Paper Source paper straws that helped us stay hydrated with vitamin c this weekend. In between laying out and sipping C and 'secco, we took a lot of phone calls and pictures, achem skip down to image numero dos and check out top right dapper neighbor perfectly poised for a portrait.
Sunday sure took a fun-day turn because as a murse wearing fella kept saying, "today is like a Saturday everyone," while  jamming his best tunes off fanny-pack speakers preparing us for next weekend's Freepress Summerfest. So I said, hey mister dj put my Cinched bag on I wanna dance with my hands free. Surprisingly, actually not at all, it perfectly flattered his trunks. 

Enough about activities, let's talk about gadgets and how to snag our memorial day style. From the top: Gold Timex, Gold pop phone hand set, Sachin+Babi leather cuff,  FEED 10 custom bag, Squid finger puppet, & Paper Straws

Photo Props Kit  -  Barron's E-Z French 

And so we concluded our weekend soaking like dead fish, playing a little arts & crafts, Frenching poolside, and discovering that Carina (Saint Bernard bottom right) may be plumping a bigger booty than myself.