Friday, May 11, 2012

TGIF blk n white, so Call me

"Omg wait, like...Why don't we design a handbag with an ipod dock and concealed speakers?" - in my early twenties over a vodka 'n soda or two, my friend and I thought we were going to bank it having invented a stereo handbag. Until our dreams were crushed when we walked across the bar and a woman was sporting a hideous lunchbox material bag shaped into speakers. Damn it. Someone had beat us to it, and the result was not so pretty. Why can't clothes and technology serve as one? Well, it just so happens that while in NYC this winter my inner Notorious BIG purchased a gold chained tweedy jacket to perfectly match my chromed out head set. Thank God it's Friday and I'm over dressed for work today, because this pop phone could have easily clashed with any other ensemble.

CALL ME...I'll answer with a Pop Phone

Wow, glad no one told me my hemline was leaking, or is that the slip slipping out? I guess Les Copains didn't exactly intend to make a LWD (little white dress) for these hips.

moschino jacket