Friday, May 4, 2012

TGIF: Office to Party Time

Are you wearing a cocktail dress to work today? I sure as heck am, it's freaking FRIDAY. How do you cinch yourself in a flapping chiffon number without looking like a total jackass at the office?
Consider playing a little game of hide n peek. Hide obvious cocktail characteristic like short length or tank sleeve and peek it's classic edge, such as luxe texture and elegant necklines.
Here's a start: pair flats to kitten heeled shoes and a blazer or cardi you can easily play with or rip off later when you're getting your grind slash chicken dance on the dance floor.

The Valentino studs didn't cause the boo boo's I forgot to edit out, for some reason I still have as many accidents shaving my legs as I did in the eighth grade.
Ohhhhh I wanna dannce with somebooooody....