Monday, May 14, 2012

Vamos a la Playa: Kalon McMahon's Beach Style

After stumbling into Kalon McMahon at a couple of pool side soiree's, I couldn't help but develop a sartorial crush on his pool side ensembles. Having just returned from Cabo with a glowing bronze, I've interrogated our favorite Style File on beach bum style tips. Kalon McMahon shares his hunt for the perfect T-shirt, favorite swim trunks, and exercising his right to bare arms with a beach bod workout. 

Kalon McMahon on beach style
Oakley Frogskins  -  On the Byas tank  - 
Sarah Aghili bracelet  -  Vilebrequin swim shorts  -  
TRX trainer  -  Vilebrequin beach towel & bag  -  Tom's perforated canvas shoes

Kalon on his pool/beach side essentials...
Sunnies: This summer I have strayed from my classic wayfarer's and have been sporting Oakley's throwback Frogskins. They come in a bunch of crazy colors so you can rock them with anything.

The Perfect T: Summer is so unbearably hot, especially in Htown, so I am always on the hunt for the perfect T and I think I've finally found it. BDG makes the best fitting, softest, cheapest, Triblend V necks and regular fit T's. I literally bought like 3 of every color bc they are still not impervious to shrinkage (unlike me when getting out of the ocean).

 Tanks: I have grown fond of tank's this summer (not to be confused with wife beaters) thanks for noticing. The beauty of getting in shape is that not only do you feel great, but you can pretty much wear whatever you want as Ryan G so graciously taught me. Perfect for the beach, just be careful not to get a "tank tan" as that CAN be confused with the wife beater tan. Another random find, but On The Byas makes the best tanks in my opinion. Again, buy in bulk! They are super cheap and you can't have too many colors or styles. 

The Workout:  Beach Workout = 1 hr/ 4days a week. 10 min on treadmill or jump rope. I do a lot of circuit training so that my heart rate is always high. It's not about heavy weights! I do a lot of stuff just using my own body weight using a TRX. Core is obviously priority. I'm not looking for that jersey shore meathead look. Shoulders and back are key, but too often neglected by most guys in the gym. I avoid carbs when I can (kind of impossible in cabo). I also stopped drinking sodas which I think really helps. Little stuff like putting a chin up bar in my bathroom and doing 10 every time I walk through the door keeps you body conscious. Then obviously do 20 push ups right before you hit the beach haha.

Skincare:  In an attempt to avoid a tank tan and keep up with Sarah Aghili's perpetual bronzing I def utilize sun screen/lotion. No one looks cool with that burnt red jersey shore lobster face. I tend to have problematic skin so I can't use anything that might clog pores. I hate that greasy feeling too. I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face lotion with spf 15 every morning regardless of where I am Cabo or not. Once by the pool or beach I just steal Sarah's oil (pretty sure she uses SPF-4), but still cheat and spray on some normal spf15 every hour or whenever I get out of the water, in addition to some spf 55 for my face. I'm all about a solid tan, but no one wants to look like the old chick from There's Something About Mary.

Trunks: I haven't been much of a "board shorts" guy for quite a while now. I opt for the classic Ralph Lauren bathing suits and Vilebrequin tends to fit me really well and I like their funny style's. They remind me of the classic hermes ties all colorful with funny animal prints etc... 

Accessories: When I'm in Cabo or somewhere equally remote, tends to be the only place I have the audacity to rock some of Sarah's jewelry. Love having a long necklace to hang my sun glasses on...

Shoes: Do you really have to ask? TOMS. They made a breathable pair for summer, Tom's perforated canvas.

Kalon McMahon prefers a classic bathing suit.
Kalon McMahon showing off his TRX trained beach bod in Cabo.
Fun in the Sun with best friend and sidekick, Sarah Aghili...
Kalon McMahon wearing Oakley Frogskins & Sarah Aghili wearing knitted turban poolside in Cabo.
Kalon McMahon wearing On The Byas tank and Sarah Aghili in Chaindrop sunglasses in Cabo, San Lucas.
Kalon McMahon and Sarah Aghili