Monday, May 7, 2012

Buon Giorno Monday Morning

With a recent discovery of an espresso allergy my mornings have been quite the trip. They used to go quite swiftly: walk Carina, boil some milk, top with dos espresso shots, and BOOM... Ready to assemble an ensemble and take on the world. Unfortunately I've had to break up with my Saeco Vienna because she started making bitter slash burnt beverages. You can only imagine what kind of outfits I can actually compose lacking a caffeine buzz. I wish I could assemble something easy and lively like this chips and blazie combo: silk sunnie dress + jersey blazer + hounds tooth flats + a strap on Indiana Jones- like bag = a great productive day at the office with a couple of compliments in the elevator. 

Unfortunately I've been wearing jeans and my high school uniform oxford. I thought people would assume the EHS label on the shirt were my initials, but apparently everyone knows what Episcopal High School is and a woman in the elevator asked if my daughter attended the school. FML, I look old and tired. I almost just wore my gym clothes today, yes...I'm that sad. It's time I sunny up once more and anxiously await a new morning girlfriend: De'Longhi Gran Dama (that's fine lady in Italian). I can't wait to wake up to her every morning.

CrOp Fern chips papillon print dress
grey jersey blazer from Ina NYC
Celine trio
Chanel houndstooth flats