Friday, June 29, 2012

Instantly Lose Ten Lbs!

Well, sort of. It seems as if the mirror says I'm ten lbs lighter when my ensemble defines my waist line. This trick is probably an optical allusion to myself, But hey, the tighter my belt, the less I eat so let's check out some waist cinchers under a hundred buckaroos. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Carina & Annina: Nails

Out of respect and safety of my dearest Carina, I have refrained from over sharing how adorable the life of a Saint Bernard can be. Though previously hinted at here and there, Carina is my room mate, a one year old sassy Saint Bernard. Fortunately,  it's time to begin the overshare...In launch of Carina inspired posts, let's start on the subject of nail polish.
Hot and sweaty summer walks can be rough on a girl's fresh pedi. Carina and I have been on the search for the Popeye of nail lacquers so that the steaming pavement doesn't melt ours' off on our daily runs (by runs, I mean walks). Just because our cankles swell larger than life in the summer, doesn't mean our paws will stop partying. Cheers to summer long pedis! 

 on Cinched paws:  Tom Ford gold haze,  on Carina paws: Warren London pawdicure pink

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Get it while it's NOT: Giambattista Valli

With constant change in the fashion realm, it can be confusing and hard to keep up with the latest. We can spend hours viewing live streams of far away shows in far away lands awaiting the precious candy to hit retailers near us almost four to six months later, or we can just trust MO to let us jump on right away. Moda Operandi, an online retailer like no other, allows us to pre-order high end fashion while it's NOT (not yet at retailers). This week, MO is featuring one of my ultimate favorite waist cinching labels, Giambattista Valli. How flattering and slimming are Giambattista Valli's waist cinching resort 2013 pieces?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Margherita That Changed My Mind

After a long week of all work and no play, it's always a tex-mex cocktail that changes my mood, a margherita. When my inner fat kid can't seem to jump out of a grump, a simple tomato and mozzarella adorned concoction brings me bliss, a margherita pizza. It brings me little to no surprise that a certain margherita would change my mind about wearing a white dress in front of your closest friends and family. Of course, it had to take a Margherita of the fashion industry to sweeten my sour feelings about weddings. Over the weekend in a traditional ceremony followed by a relaxed Moroccan styled reception, accompanied by impeccably adorned bridesmaids and close family and friends, Margherita Missoni tied the knot with Eugenio Amos in Brunello, Italia. 

Margherita Missoni and Eugenio Amos wedding in Brunello, Italy. Image per

Boy did this wedding give me the wedding bug...a pinterest board has been born. Perhaps it's the claustrophobia of a summer in Houston that is making me crazy or the fact that I really miss Italia, but The Margherita has converted me.  I do want a f***ing wedding and even if I'm having it in my dreams, it would be inspired by a margherita. Now if only I could find a race car driver... or just a regular dude to co host and play dress up with me.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Let's Gladiate Chicas

Last summer I cinched my paws in trustworthy gladiators from May to September. As the heat swells my feet out of ballerina flats, a strong longing for gladiator sandals fills my air (by air I mean online shopping problem). Hard for me to let go of my ex's, a new search has begun for a comfortably chic pair of gladiators to marry for the summer.  
Can any pair replace the memories shared with Hola Chicas?

Stripes Hit the Gal

Hold your horses shoppers, the white and brown stripes sourcing all delicious accessories have hit Houston where it hurts the most, the Galleria. It's time to sin because Henri Bendel is in town! During a sneak peek Friday morning, LA and I fell in love with statement earrings, stunning gifts, and chic travel necessities. In the season of travel I couldn't resist the brown and white striped travel goodies HB has to offer! Here is a peek into the new Henri Bendel Galleria, stay tuned for a full tour video coming soon!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday School, Fruity Ice

If you can't recall from the original post, "Sunday school" themed posts come from life lessons I've absorbed via weekends. This week's lesson: fruity ice.
Weekend spirits can't thoroughly be enjoyed when slushie ice drowns its flavor. Planning your July 4th beverages ahead of time? Try replacing ice with a favorite frozen fruit in summer cocktails!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Miss me?

There's no solid reason for my weak cinching the past month. The truth is, I've been Scooping a-lot over at the David Peck Blog. Fear not, because if you miss me dearly jump over to read the latest on a Houston based and personal favorite contemporary fashion brand, CrOp by David Peck. See the purple frocked shortie behind the scenes bellow? Yep...that's cinched.

Cinched shooting CrOp by David Peck at Tootsies Houston.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday School

It seems that in my mid twenties most learning experiences occur on the weekends. Sure you could say that I learned on a Monday that cops are jerks, espresso makers can fail, and snooze buttons aren't forever...but real lessons, inspiration, and memories are always planted on my weekends. It's my honor to announce a weekly post to kick off the week by: "Sunday School."  In honor father's day, this weekend I was schooled by an Italian gentleman on scarves from an image captured of us partying early 90's. Happy Father's Day mister Guido.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's the Lil Things

It's always the littlest things that make a difference in your day. Right up there with charging my cellphone, my day is made by getting a caffeine necessity within minutes of flirting with the snooze button on my alarm. Recently, the Italian I wake up to every morning has upped his dress code to black tie... 
A Bow tie chip clip keeps the Segafreddo extra strong expresso beans extra strong and fresh.  How well dressed is your morning buzz?

Friday, June 15, 2012

Sin or Win?

It's almost always easier to avoid sin in the summer. The cost of beachwear does not compare to outerwear; completly logical, less fabric in quantity and quality. What I'm finding really hard not to do is sin via footwear. Footwear almost never jumps my radar, making it tough to dodge tempetation. Why can't sandals be priced less than boots? Achem, a swimsuit is no where near price as a coat. In attempt to pass a sin free summer, I've searched for an alternative to the hagfish sandal crush LA (my shopping partner in crime slash friend slash style icon) has gotten me into, clicky here & here to see her in hagfish action. The wild and eccentric online retailer ASOS popped a similar ankle cinching, pin heeled option on my radar...the Harlot...what are your thoughts? 

Givenchy hagfish sandals  -  ASOS Harlot sandals
Although the Harlot is missing the metal heel and shark tooth detail, it's wallet friendly price might make up for it. In the end, LA and I always swap around, I'm just not sure how easy it will be for her to get them back once I strap them on...haha. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Call Her, Maybe?

On a roadie to Austin this weekend I took a lesson in poolside etiquette and style from a darling brunette. The NYC import, on a mission to soak Texas rays, sartorially graced the W Austin Rooftop Pool. Lesson number one: eyelet is for all occasions, especially poolside.

Sachin+Babi Corsica eyelet top makes a darling coverup, but wait... get a hold of this similar dressThe Sachin + Babi Cyril dress boasts an array of textures in a clean white hue, offering a dynamic but understated, glamorous look. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Get it Girl

There doesn't seem to be a cure when you've been bitten by the baby bug. The bite has swollen to another extreme, affecting my style inspiration and I'm not referring to mom-spirations. Since it's almost never fun to dress your age, kidspirations are more suiting for summer dressing. Dear Shiloh, 
As a huge fun slash lover of your dad I must apologize that you will not be included in this. I truly understand the tomboy phase you can't seem to grow out of, I too grew up with two brothers...but you have a sister. Oh wait, TWO sisters, and like the hottest mom on the planet, so snap out of it.
Currently I'm kid-spired by Suri Cruise, due to her impeccable accessories: pearl string Little Mermaid hangbag, pink hat, animal print cardi, and metallic ballet slippers. Did you notice she's a little ahead of the game sporting fall's makeup trends on her pout?

Suri Cruise is my style inspiration. Image cred

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Higher and Higher and HIGHER

"You don't understand, this is an ALAIA," Cher when asked to lay on the ground face down after a thief snatches her handbag and cell at gunpoint. In the late nineties I pondered why Cher cared so much for an Alaia, and it wasn't till my mid teen years that I grasped her appreciation. I now understand what my middle school hero was referring to. How could someone ask so much of you after you've kindly agreed to hand over your money and phone? This wallet thirsting pair of Alaia toe-goodies with heels that measure approximately 6.5 inches + a 2 inch platform just make feel higher and higher and higher.
Alaia Paille Glamour embellished raffia and suede wedge sandals

Let this be our little secret
no one needs to know were feeling
higher and higher and higher - Passion Pit

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Let's Resort to It

Houston's skin thirsting heat has me hot for resort collections. Have you clicked over to Moda Operandi to pre-order resort goodies before everyone else? Yigal Azrouel's got the blues for resort with marble, paisley, and floral prints stamped on waist accentuating silhouettes. With a wicked weakness for waist altering cuts, today is a really tough day for me to get through without clicking over to MO and sin-shopping all of the bellow...

Yigal Azrouel Tech cheer stripe dress, Floral eyecat georgette dress, and Intarsia paisley knit dress on Moda Operandi
Pre-order Yigal Azrouel resort 2013 on MO till june 14th @11pm.

It's YOU for the Night

It should always be YOU for the night, which is why the greatest shop to open to in Houston, NEW FOR THE NIGHT is any girl's dream come true. How fun woud it be to rock a stunning frock for a night for a fraction of the cost? Tuesday evening dolls rocked some crush-able frocks at the New for the Night launch party. Like what you see? Get over to NFTN and borrow one for yourself.
Founder of New for the Night, Brittany Sakowitz, in Pleasure Doing Business dress
LA of the Flip Side in Tibi dress
Veronika of Veronika's Blushing in Rebecca Taylor
Monica of ClassnFab in Issa
Nina of The HSS Feed in Rohit dress

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Reading

"Wow. You hit middle age pretty quickly," text from a Blackberry on my addiction to the trilogy that everyone and their mother has read, Fifty Shades of Gray.
The text went ignored because as Babe Walker says, "If he has a blackberry he's too old for you," and I couldn't help but turn off the ipad until I finished the first of E L James' cheesy slash raunchy trilogy.   Last summer I got toasty by the pool with an Italian favorite and literally idol, Fallacci's A Man (see hardcover bellow: south of the hen purse and right of the thunder thighs). This summer I'm addicted to a British lady author and the passionate lovers that make the trilogy you keep hearing about, oh so addictive. 

Reading Oriana Fallaci at Castadiva Resort in Blevio, Italy

What are your summer reads?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Freepress SummerMess

Cinched and about sixty five thousand others headed to Free press Summer Fest this weekend. Aside the neon clad dancing crowd I fell in love with,  boy was it hot like sauce -no pun intended because I didn't catch the Pretty Lights show Sunday night, or any shows on Sunday for that matter. Like any old first time I showed up a tad bit unprepared. Forgetting my trusty hat and assuming that a dash of SPF 30 on my face would be protection enough, I got a little too crispy to return the next day. Either way, Saturday was a hot mess enough for me, and loving every bit of it. This little music festival is making Houston just a tad bit cooler every year, can't wait till twanky thirteen!
Cinched waist  & a dancing partner at Phantogram, Free Press Summerfest.
WHAT I WORE: similar Helmut Lang cowl neck top  - navy shorts  - cross body trio 
From the top, let's take it clock wise: 
Clutch city witty gentlemen kept their faces sun free with some throwback Houston Rockets caps. 
I took a lesson in colorizing from a friendly trio: if your wayfarers lack color, make up for it in your tank. Isn't this a hot looking trio? Thanks for the dance ladies!
Getting my fancy on in the Fancypants air conditioned tent, I came across a blonde doll sporting a vintage tennis dress. Susie redefined Adidas Classics in the a lined frock. 
Lovers: The couple that body paints together, stays together give it up for the coolest set of lovers there.

All I have to do is shake, shake
Keep your body still
Keep your body still
Our move is shake, shake, shake
Keep your body still
Keep your body still


Recent theft of my mother's trio really came in handy this weekend. Not only is the small satchel super convenient when I'm flapping my farms (fat arms) to Phantogram with a pig-tailed buddy above, but I was shocked by the ample room in the bag's three compartments. Let's take a look a trio's Free Press Summer mess experience. 
From the top COUNTER- clockwise: Three zipped pouches that button together make up Phoebe Philo's greatest addition to leather goods yet. Compartment number one is in charge of wallet and boring stuff. Sunnies? Check, Phone that had no service the whole time? Check, great job compartment 2. Trio is a bit of a flirt, so she found a boy to chill with in the fancy pants tent. If only trio had found some sunscreen to hold so I could have made it back to the festival for round two, instead of spending the day reading the NYT. This leaves us to the fun part, compartment number three was in charge of holding bracelets, festive straws, and glow sticks. 
Celine trio at Free Press Summer Fest

On the topic of accessories, Sarah Aghili cinched my wrists in her latest goodies! While Buddha bracelets and claws adorned my water quenching wrist, check out my dance partner's watch. Rumor has it this doll is sporting an original calculator-watch Zack Morris wore on Saved by the Bell. 

Casio Calculator watch

Monday, June 4, 2012

Essential Summer Acessory: A St.Tropez

Be it summer time or not, every girl should experience St. Tropez...Bronze, that is. Because not all of us can jet across the pond to the South of France for a glamazon bronze, thank heavens for Nordstrom Spa offering the best airbrush tan in the city, The St. Tropez dazzles skin to a perfect summer glow as gorgeous as the summer frocks in the store!   With an array of my favorite designer's frocks and separates tempting my shopping problem, I couldn't help but notice the ultimate accessory for my summer look wasn't a Celine trio, sky climbing espadrille, or wrist cinching bangles to adorn a sundress with. The ultimate essential was to be found in a quaint haven in the middle of Nordstrom, the Nordstrom Spa. Offering a variety of services, what caught my eye or "skin," is not surprisingly Nordstrom Spa's most demanded service, a St. Tropez Airbrush tan.

St. Tropez bronzing products

Blessed with porcelain hued skin, I'm always searching for a summer glow that won't stamp my legs and palms with orange zebra streaks. On a search for a perfect sun dress, I peaked into the Nordstrom Spa, and found a perfect summer glow to pair with my summer dress crushes! With a St. Tropez airbursh tan, the perfect hue and tone can be accomplished. Applied by a professional in the spa's vichy shower room, you can be sure to avoid the awkward creases behind the knees, palms, and forearms that airbrush booths can leave.

Nordstrom Spa, Houston

Friday, June 1, 2012

To Parrrrtay

I hope i don't have to remind you that it's Friday, a.k.a time to wear your party clothes to work day. Today, like the rest of my Houston bound summer, I'm wearing a swimmer under Taylor, a CrOp basic,  so I can sprint pool side once the school bell (or when I finish work) rings and saves me.

CrOp Taylor dress, Celine sunnies, bunny phone portector

Don't step out of the house if that's the clothes you're gonna wear
I'll kick you out of this house if you don't cut that hair
Cause your mom busted in and said, "What's that noise?"
I said mom, you're just jealous, it's the Beastie Boys!