Thursday, June 28, 2012

Carina & Annina: Nails

Out of respect and safety of my dearest Carina, I have refrained from over sharing how adorable the life of a Saint Bernard can be. Though previously hinted at here and there, Carina is my room mate, a one year old sassy Saint Bernard. Fortunately,  it's time to begin the overshare...In launch of Carina inspired posts, let's start on the subject of nail polish.
Hot and sweaty summer walks can be rough on a girl's fresh pedi. Carina and I have been on the search for the Popeye of nail lacquers so that the steaming pavement doesn't melt ours' off on our daily runs (by runs, I mean walks). Just because our cankles swell larger than life in the summer, doesn't mean our paws will stop partying. Cheers to summer long pedis! 

 on Cinched paws:  Tom Ford gold haze,  on Carina paws: Warren London pawdicure pink