Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Freepress SummerMess

Cinched and about sixty five thousand others headed to Free press Summer Fest this weekend. Aside the neon clad dancing crowd I fell in love with,  boy was it hot like sauce -no pun intended because I didn't catch the Pretty Lights show Sunday night, or any shows on Sunday for that matter. Like any old first time I showed up a tad bit unprepared. Forgetting my trusty hat and assuming that a dash of SPF 30 on my face would be protection enough, I got a little too crispy to return the next day. Either way, Saturday was a hot mess enough for me, and loving every bit of it. This little music festival is making Houston just a tad bit cooler every year, can't wait till twanky thirteen!
Cinched waist  & a dancing partner at Phantogram, Free Press Summerfest.
WHAT I WORE: similar Helmut Lang cowl neck top  - navy shorts  - cross body trio 
From the top, let's take it clock wise: 
Clutch city witty gentlemen kept their faces sun free with some throwback Houston Rockets caps. 
I took a lesson in colorizing from a friendly trio: if your wayfarers lack color, make up for it in your tank. Isn't this a hot looking trio? Thanks for the dance ladies!
Getting my fancy on in the Fancypants air conditioned tent, I came across a blonde doll sporting a vintage tennis dress. Susie redefined Adidas Classics in the a lined frock. 
Lovers: The couple that body paints together, stays together give it up for the coolest set of lovers there.

All I have to do is shake, shake
Keep your body still
Keep your body still
Our move is shake, shake, shake
Keep your body still
Keep your body still


Recent theft of my mother's trio really came in handy this weekend. Not only is the small satchel super convenient when I'm flapping my farms (fat arms) to Phantogram with a pig-tailed buddy above, but I was shocked by the ample room in the bag's three compartments. Let's take a look a trio's Free Press Summer mess experience. 
From the top COUNTER- clockwise: Three zipped pouches that button together make up Phoebe Philo's greatest addition to leather goods yet. Compartment number one is in charge of wallet and boring stuff. Sunnies? Check, Phone that had no service the whole time? Check, great job compartment 2. Trio is a bit of a flirt, so she found a boy to chill with in the fancy pants tent. If only trio had found some sunscreen to hold so I could have made it back to the festival for round two, instead of spending the day reading the NYT. This leaves us to the fun part, compartment number three was in charge of holding bracelets, festive straws, and glow sticks. 
Celine trio at Free Press Summer Fest

On the topic of accessories, Sarah Aghili cinched my wrists in her latest goodies! While Buddha bracelets and claws adorned my water quenching wrist, check out my dance partner's watch. Rumor has it this doll is sporting an original calculator-watch Zack Morris wore on Saved by the Bell. 

Casio Calculator watch