Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Margherita That Changed My Mind

After a long week of all work and no play, it's always a tex-mex cocktail that changes my mood, a margherita. When my inner fat kid can't seem to jump out of a grump, a simple tomato and mozzarella adorned concoction brings me bliss, a margherita pizza. It brings me little to no surprise that a certain margherita would change my mind about wearing a white dress in front of your closest friends and family. Of course, it had to take a Margherita of the fashion industry to sweeten my sour feelings about weddings. Over the weekend in a traditional ceremony followed by a relaxed Moroccan styled reception, accompanied by impeccably adorned bridesmaids and close family and friends, Margherita Missoni tied the knot with Eugenio Amos in Brunello, Italia. 

Margherita Missoni and Eugenio Amos wedding in Brunello, Italy. Image per

Boy did this wedding give me the wedding bug...a pinterest board has been born. Perhaps it's the claustrophobia of a summer in Houston that is making me crazy or the fact that I really miss Italia, but The Margherita has converted me.  I do want a f***ing wedding and even if I'm having it in my dreams, it would be inspired by a margherita. Now if only I could find a race car driver... or just a regular dude to co host and play dress up with me.

Margherita Missoni, the perfect blushing bride. images per vogue italia.
Birdesmaids and friends. images per vogue italia.
Missoni wedding reception. images per vogue italia