Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday School

It seems that in my mid twenties most learning experiences occur on the weekends. Sure you could say that I learned on a Monday that cops are jerks, espresso makers can fail, and snooze buttons aren't forever...but real lessons, inspiration, and memories are always planted on my weekends. It's my honor to announce a weekly post to kick off the week by: "Sunday School."  In honor father's day, this weekend I was schooled by an Italian gentleman on scarves from an image captured of us partying early 90's. Happy Father's Day mister Guido.

Because I know none of you darlings would pull a mister Guido and resort to snagging a table napkin as an accessory, there's an assortment of wool, silk, and linen options bellow.

Rag & Bone water color scarf  -  By Malene Birger leopard print scarf  -  Theodora & Callum playa scarf  -  Bendel Loves NY scarf